Friday, June 8, 2012

Day 7: Yoga+ 30-Day Challenge

Yoga+'s challenge Day 7 is over. One whole week of yoga! Took Ryan's Hot B class, which was quite the workout!

Gave myself a cheat day today and helped myself to the Penne Carbonara in the fridge. I regretted it immediately after, and felt like throwing up. It was ironic, as Ryan mentioned in class that your body tells you what it needs, and sometimes what you don't need comes out in the form of nausea. Ugh.

Made the most of my cheat day and had a couple of almond M&M's as well before going to class, which I regretted a teensy bit, but it was a nice reward for being well-behaved these past couple of weeks. I am definitely craving for more fruits and vegetables now, and not craving for sweets as much as I used to before.

Going to yoga class (+25), meditation (+5), 7 hours of sleep minimum (+5), Drinking 3 liters of water a day (+5), eating white rice/bread, pasta (-5), taking in refined sugar (-5) = 30 points