Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 12: Yoga+ 30-Day Challenge

Wow! Has it already been two weeks? I took a Hot A class with Dinah this morning and dragged Jericho with me for him to check it out, too! Well, he was there to take photographs of the place for my feature, but I was half hoping he would take the class with me as well. He chickened out and stuck to snapping pictures. I guess bikram just isn't his thing.

I got a whole lot of energy from the lemon water I brought with me during class. Dr. Dale was right about citrus giving you a lot of extra energy - I was able to push myself a lot more and have been hyper all day.

Although I did whip up breakfast for Jericho and myself, I ended up nibbling on chocolate and biscuits for most of the day. We were working through our non-working holiday (happy Independence Day to you, too!) and the New Yorker got some pizza delivered for lunch-slash-dinner while we worked. So yeah, not the best day, food-wise.

Going to yoga class (+25), meditation (+5), 7 hours of sleep minimum (+5), Drinking 3 liters of water a day (+5), taking in refined sugar (-5), eating white rice/bread, pasta (-5) = 30 points