Saturday, October 6, 2012

10 Surefire Ways To Live Below Your Full Potential

It’s true - human potential is unlimited. Unlike computers, you’ll never come across a situation where your brain says the hard drive is full. You can constantly push your limits, reaching greater heights, only to find that you’re not even reaching a fraction of your true worth! Believe it or not, you harness more power than you can ever imagine.

Unfortunately, many do not utilize their true potential, and lay it to waste by engaging in tasks that are a poor use of their time and energy.  Here are 10 sure-fire ways to live below your true potential:

11 Practical Ways to Spend Your Money

I know, I know. Saving and investing your money for the future is one of the most practical things you can do. This is solid advice, but when you do decide to spend your hard earned money it should be spent on something practical, useful, and meaningful to the well being of your existence. So many people either save their money or blow it on worthless crap.

Here are 11 practical ways to spend your money on something useful: