Friday, June 29, 2012

Chee's 12 Things

Chee is one of my many beautiful, talented friends. We go way back, starting as frosh in high school, both as outsiders who grew up in the Middle East, and bonded instantly over our lack of knowledge of everything Filipino, and both learned how to adapt along the way.

She has relocated to Singapore now, and works as a Med Rep for Far East Drug. You can probably find her I hopping from clinic to clinic on Mondays to Fridays, bugging doctors to use our infamous Filipino pharma products (and loving it, apparently). According to her, if work weren't frustrating, tiring, and stressful - it wouldn't be fun. Meh, to each his own on that front.

When off the clock, you can find her bending and twisting her spine in different directions at Bikram Yoga Harbourfront. She is deeply in love with the studio and the people in it, it is her happy place.

Check out her 12 Things here:

1. iPhone 4. You will always find this in my hand, work demands it. From 9-5pm, it becomes a call center, a computer, and a tool to relieve boredom. With the poor battery life span, I always have to put this on silent mode. Since I'm out in the field all the time, I am unable to charge it whenever and wherever I want to. This is another reason why it is always in my hand.

2. Monster Beats by Dr. Dre. I don't care if it is accurately engineered to reproduce clear natural vocals, detailed highs, and deep powerful bass without distortion. It's red and black, and the earbuds are convenient to shut people out. They hella expensive, but they hella cute too.

3. G-Shock Watch. It was a gift. I still do not know how to use it - but I got it with the time 5 minutes advanced from reality and shows the day and the date. It has an orange light and is water resistant. Can't get anymore useful than that.

4. Red Toyota Vios. I don't have one anymore. The closest thing I have to a car here is my EZ link MRT Card. But I have always loved driving and I've a lot of fond memories with this magical vehicle.

5. Converse Jack Purcell Shoes in White. I was never a fan of white shoes. It gets dirty and so it gets ugly. But the smooth outsole made it very easy to clean. Just wipe and voila! I also thought the rubber bumper toe was a nice touch to the design.

6. Maltesers. Chocolates, in general, make me happy.

7. Body Shop Cheek Colour 03. Oh, did I mention I'm a girl? I only apply little make up, only because I am too lazy to fix myself up. I use sunblock, eyeliner, color my brows, and put blush. On my lazy days, I just put this blush on and I'm good.

8. Burberry Weekend for Men. I promise I am a girl! I get high when I smell this. I introduced this to my boyfriend and I seem to be glued to him whenever I see him, (the Axe effect, but not really). I, myself, wear it too. The smell is very sexy manly. But when I use it, it seems to smell all flowery and feminine. I love it!

9. Bikram Yoga. I have learned a lot of life lessons here. I've learned to be patient and loving to others. I've learned to work hard and get what I deserve. I learned that everyone is beautiful and precious. I have been inspired here many times and in many different ways. I also like it hot and sweaty. It is by far, still my toughest workout.

10. Purple Shorts. Got these babies for $15 at Cotton On. Purple is not my favorite color. It reminds me of Barney the Dinosaur. I just love shorts. Thanks to yoga, my legs are toned and chunky. I also dont have obvious "piso"s on my legs. You will almost always find me in shorts. Yes, because of my fine legs.

11. Risque Yoga Shorts. I bought a pair 3 years ago for a P1,000 each. I also have yoga shorts in other brands, famous and respected yoga brands, that is twice more pricey. Well, guess which shorts survived and is still in great condition?

12. My Body. It's not perfect. But one thing I've learned from staring at myself in front of the mirror, half-covered, inside a hot room, filled with sweaty people, for 90minutes each day - is that I am beautiful. I have small breasts, a flat ass, and a healthy tummy, and they are beautiful! No matter what your size is, as long as you love yourself - taking care of yourself will just follow on naturally and you will be happy and so the universe will also be happy!