Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 19: Yoga+ 30-Day Challenge

Finally, I am back on the mat! I was feeling up to take a class, finally, so after a client meeting, I headed over to Yoga+ to take the 6pm class, which was Flow with Marc. I laid down and ended up totally zoning out in savasana. I felt like I was floating, half of me was present in the moment, another part of me was someplace else. I stayed like that through most of the meditation as well, until the other asanas sort of pulled me back down to concentrating on the postures.

I haven't had any of my banana-ginger whey shakes in a while. I think I'll wean myself off of that until I can find a better substitute for whey. The New Yorker uses Shakeology, but that alone costs an arm and a leg, not to mention I'd only have a supply every time she comes back from the States. I've been having the weirdest craving for Hunt's Pork & Beans though, so that was breakfast. Lunch was baby baked potatoes, and dinner was a pastrami sandwich on wheat bread, and a small bowl of shrimp and kangkong.

Going to yoga class (+25), meditation (+5), 7 hours of sleep minimum (+5), Drinking 3 liters of water a day (+5) = 40 points