Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Trip to Beautiful Mt. Pulag in Pictures

Good ol' Jericho went on his very first hiking trip to Mt. Pulag a few weeks back and came home with a ton of really nice photos for me to live vicariously thorough.

Although I don't quite envy his ability to not take a shower for over three days in this heat, the photos he took of the trip are pretty amazeballs! The stars peek out just beyond the tree line at night, and there a few photos overlooking the rolling clouds below the mountain, which are all breathtakingly beautiful.

There wasn't any rain or fog when he reached one of the highest peaks of Mt. Pulag, which they say is rare, so Jericho had a pretty clear view of everything from the mountaintop. Check out his pictures here and see if you can find his "You shall not pass!" photo:

Photos courtesy of Jericho San Miguel