Saturday, November 2, 2013

BPI's More Fun Visa Prepaid Card

My BPI ePrepaid card expired this month, and when I checked BPI's site to get a new one, I chanced upon this! Using the Department of Tourism's popular It's More Fun in the Philippines tag line and tying up with Visa, this prepaid debit card lets you do everything the ugly ePrepaid card does, with a cheaper sign up fee.

More Fun Prepaid Cards are reloadable Visa prepaid cards issued by BPI that can be used to pay for online purchases as well as purchases from accredited shops and restaurants here and abroad where VISA is accepted.

A few features of having a More Fun Visa Prepaid Card are:

  • No Maintaining Balance
  • Valid for 18 months.
  • Load up to P100,000 per month through BPI electronic channels.
  • Easy loading & reloading through numerous BPI electronic channels.
  • Check your card balance real-time through text (SMS) or by dialing 89-100; press 4 for Express Cash and press 1 for Balance Inquiry.
  • Enjoy instant discounts and freebies from BPI Real Thrills.

With the ePrepaid Mastercard sign up fee being P500, the More Fun Visa Card costs only P250, with added travel perks. The More Fun Visa Card is also valid longer - 18 months compared to ePrepaid Mastercard's 12 month validity. And did I mention how ugly the ePrepaid card is? It's really, really ugly.

The application page is super cute, with an infographic-ish design on why it's more fun in the Philippines. You've got the colorful jeepneys, dirty ice cream carts, old, historic churches, and colorful fiesta flags.

After clicking on the apply button, you can choose the design of your card from one of the pre-designed templates available on the site, or customize it by uploading your own with your own witty caption of why it's more fun in the Philippines.

I appreciate the social media option BPI has on the application page. Share by posting on Facebook or Tweeting about your More Fun Visa Prepaid Card application and spread the good word!

After you choose a design that suits your fancy, fill in the form with your details like the name to appear on the card and your e-mail address.

A few other personal details are also required, but they aren't a whole lot.

After that, all you need is to pick a branch you plan on picking your card up at, maybe some extra information if you're willing to share, and voilà, you're application is sent off for processing and your new card should be ready for pick up within seven working days.

When mucking around Manila and not wanting to carry cash all the time or wanting to do transactions online, load up on what you need with the More Fun Visa Prepaid Card! Link this to your BPI accounts and transfer the exact amount you need every time. This isn't only convenient for locals, but also for tourists or business people who plan on spending a longer time in the country.

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