Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dessert Series: McDonald's Holiday Sweet Pleasures

We've seen a lot of trends in the food industry this year. From the rise of the Cronut, to Speculoos, and salted caramel, well, everything, players in the food industry are finding it difficult to keep up with everything! McDonald’s has joined the bandwagon by celebrating the holidays by letting you indulge in any of this year’s delectable Holiday Sweet Pleasures.

These 2013 Holiday Desserts come in a new variety of flavors that will surely satisfy everyone’s craving for something heavenly sweet.

For the McFlurry lovers, the delicious Merry Berry McFlurry (P45) has actual strawberry and Oreo bits, with gives the dessert a berry sweet crunch (see what I did there?). The new the Cookie Butter McFlurry (P45) incorporates a delicious gingerbread goodness that makes you want to savor every bite. If you're a McFlurry purist, then not to worry as everyone’s favorite Oreo McFlurry (P39) will also be part of the Holiday Sweet Pleasures.

For those who can’t get enough of McDonald’s creamy sundae (like yours truly!), the new Salted Caramel Sundae (P29) will tickle your taste buds with its perfect amount of salty, sweet medley of flavors. This stuff is addicting, I tell you!

Coffee lovers can celebrate the holidays with the McCafe Coffee Float (P49) made of McDonald’s signature Premium Roast Coffee, chilled with ice cubes, topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream, and drizzled with chocolate syrup, while the well-loved ice-cold Coca Cola drink topped with vanilla soft serve ice cream and chocolate syrup can definitely be enjoyed by the Coke McFloat (P25) fans.

McDonald’s Dessert Centers also offer exclusive Holiday Sweet Pleasures for those who love enjoying their treats on the go. Savor the nutty Chocnut McDip (P15), creamy Red Velvet McDip (P15) or the yummy Bubblegum McDip (P15) during your holiday shopping break in the mall or on the way home for your holiday feast with the family.

When mucking around Manila, head on over to the nearest McDonald's (there's one in every corner!) and try all of their Holiday Sweet Pleasures! Come on, I know you want to.

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