Friday, November 8, 2013

Intimate Dining at Solace Wine & Dine

Looking for an intimate date place with privacy and good food? With the string of Christmas shopping that needs to be done, all the malls are going to be packed with people, and a crowded restaurant with a waiter that can barely hear you from all the chatter and Christmas songs isn't going to help. But don't fret, right across Greenbelt 2 is  Solace Wine & Dine, and it doesn't get as intimate as this place.

I would always pass by this place on a way to meetings or an appointment in Makati, but had never really bothered to venture in until one evening. Intrigued with the new menu created by Chef Philip Golding, I found myself outside the establishment one rainy night looking in, excited to see what culinary wonders awaited inside.

Meeting up with my foodie fambam, dinner soon ensued, starting with a Warm Salad of Salt and Pepper Squid (P275). The salad also came with bits of spicy chorizo, crispy marble potatoes, spinach and a drizzled with garlic aioli. This had some chew from the soft squid, and lots of flavor from the chorizo - seeping into the potatoes and complimented by the dressing. Yum.

The Homemade Nachos (P195) that were made out of pita bread was a revelation! Instead of the usual corn nachos, these pita triangles were fried 'til puffy and put in as a substitute, so it has a chewy texture instead of the crisp ones we're so used to. The pita bread also did a marvelous job of holding the cheese and the beef.

I washed the appetizers down with a Mango-Basil Shake. The combination of the fresh mango and strong flavor of basil was refreshing, although I moved on to a few glasses of Chardonnay when the mains cam a'calling.

I liked Solace's Chicken Breast Wrapped in Parma Ham (P445) with a mushroom, truffle, and Parmesan risotto. The parm almost melts into the risotto, giving the carb added flavor, although I wish they had seasoned the chicken a bit more - it paled in comparison to it's side dish.

Always a sucker for the fish and chippy shops, I was excited to try the Beer Battered Fish and Chips (P385). The huge piece of fish was dory, so it was creamy and soft. I wish they had used a firmer kind of meat, like snapper or halibut, but at least everything wasn't covered in a stodge of grease, so I was pretty happy.

I didn't get to attack the Half Pound Solace Burger (P410), but the guys said this was pretty good. The tremendously tall thing was topped with aged cheddar cheese, smoked bacon, and onion rings served with a side of fries.

The foodie fambam and I also shared a smokey Rack of Ribs - this was perfectly executed and was sticky, sweet, and finger licking good!

The owner of Solace wasn't done with us yet! Out came a beautiful Banoffee Pie - which was sweet and creamy with slices of banana underneath all that whipped sugary sweetness.

I didn't like the Apple Pie to much, and found it a bit bland. But in the apple pie's defense, I did start off with the banoffee, so I may be a bit unfair.

This was a meringue sort of dessert, but I was too busy giggling that I forgot the name. It was nice and sweet, with a lemon curd kind of aftertaste.

To end my extravagant dinner, there was a plate of Molten Chocolate Lava Cake set before us. You know when lava cake is done right when a nice lake of melted chocolate pours out the middle, ready to be sopped up with a piece of it's firm yet sponge-y exterior shell.

When mucking around Makati and wanting to get away from the mall crowd and crowded restaurants, take a skip and a hop over to to Solace Wine & Dine. And don't forget to order of your favorite vino when you dine for an even happier dining experience!

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P.S. Save date night for every Thursday and head on over to Solace for Great Steak Night, starting on November 21, 2013 from 6pm onwards. Choose between a Chuck (P799) or Rib-Eye Steak (P999) with your choice of two sidings: Creamy Spinach with Croutons, Balsamic Salad, Homemade Fat Chips, Sauteed Vegetables, and Garlic Rice!

Solace Wine & Dine
+63 917 535 7529
One Greenbelt Hotel, 914
A. Arnaiz Ave, Makati City
Open Daily: 7am - 11pm