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Marriott Hotel Manila: VIP Treatment at the Executive Lounge

I swear, the Marriott Manila is foodie heaven. These guys really go out of their way to make sure you never go hungry (or thirsty!) during your stay. When I had my birthday staycation at the hotel, I was given complimentary access to the Executive Lounge on the 8th floor. This perk usually has an extra charge of P2,000 for two people per day, and gives you access to the complimentary wi-fi at the lounge as well as their round-the-clock treats.

I headed up to the Executive Lounge a little after dinner, not really knowing what to expect, but was curious about what made the lounge sound like some sort of VIP area. As it turns out, it kind of was.

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Marriott Manila's Executive Lounge reminds me of Delta's Sky Club Lounge at Narita Airport. Weary travelers cross the street from NAIA, check in, and chill out at the Executive Lounge before calling it a night, bags still in tow. Or they may just be chilling out before they catch a late flight out, who knows, really.

A platter of cake slices welcomed me into the Lounge. The spread changes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and since I got there a bit late, they were serving nightcaps and cake.

You can help yourself to as many glasses of your favorite poison as you'd like, or have one of the servers mix your favorite cocktail for you. I kept coming back for more glasses of Chardonnay while my friend nursed his glass of Jack & Coke for the rest of the night. The bar is open 'til 9:30pm. After that, all the alcohol is cleared away and you're left with juice and water for the rest of the night.

I had quite a lot of bottles of orange juice that night, too. There's a glass fridge stocked with fresh juice and water, and you can very well take these downstairs to your room with you if you're tired of hanging around the Lounge.

There's a limited selection of cheese for those who want a nibble, as well as an assortment of nuts and dried fruit. There were also a few small packets of curry pies and chocolate-banana pies in the corner, for those looking for a savory and sweet fix.

The chocoholic in me dove straight for the brownies on the cake platter. It was dark, dense, and nutty - just the way I like my brownies!

My friend liked the pistachio cake more. I found the butter frosting too cloying and gave up halfway through my slice.

Aside from a coffee machine, the Executive Lounge also serves a variety of teas. You can also opt to get your drinks to go, whether you're on your way to the airport or on your way back to your room.

I went back after breakfast to check what the Lounge had to offer as far as the most important meal of the day was concerned, and I'm glad to report that it didn't disappoint. Some of the items served here weren't on the breakfast buffet menu downstairs, so it was quite a treat!

 Aside from the Soya Fried Rice, the Lounge also served Potato Mustard - it was spicy, creamy, and filling all at the same time.

For those who fancy some Bistek Tagalog with their rice, they had a bowl of that, as well.

For those who opt not to partake of anything bovine, they have a Dory with White Sauce dish that should satiate you.

The usual breakfast suspects can be found at the corner of the serving table - hash brown, chicken sausages, and of course, crispy bacon.

The cake platter had transformed into a bread platter, with everything from ensaymadas to croissants, muffins, powdered donuts, bundt cake, apple pie, and danish.

Breakfast grains - like frosted flaked, chocolate frosties, fruit loops, bran, and Wheetabix - were in big jars with assorted nuts and what I think is pickled fruit on the side.

Or you could get your fill of cheese of fresh fruit from the glass fridge.

You can also find some of your favorite cold cuts in the glass fridge, as well as muesli and yogurt.

There is also all kinds of milk as well as Yakult in the fridge, along with a few choice salads to nibble on while you wait to check out or work on a few tasks before your next flight out.

The Executive Lounge at Marriott Manila looks out onto the Villamor Golf Course. I spent most of my morning chuckling at the poor golfer that kept getting his balls in the lake.

When mucking around Marriot Manila, make sure you get access to the Executive Lounge! The benefits really outweigh the costs (it isn't much, really), especially if you're a foodie who always needs to be online, like me!

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