Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jack Daniels On Stage - Are You In?

This is a story of independence, integrity, and authenticity. Unbeknownst to most, in the 1800's, Mr. Jack Daniel himself started a movement that hundreds of years later, is still practiced and proves to be the catalyst of some of the best musical collaborations.

1866 saw the birth of the Jack Daniel's Distillery which soon turned into the best, if not the only, Tennessee whiskey in the entire world.  He also began the oldest recorded music sponsorship when he and his band, The Silver Cornet Band, started playing at his saloons that were serving Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.  Ever the supporter of independent music, Jack Daniel's continues its reign to showcase the best music from all corners of the world.

Being a musician himself, Mr. Jack never lost sight of the talent behind each musician and always acknowledged that a lot of the talent came from independent artists.  Hundreds of years later, Jack Daniel's in the Philippines and around the world continues that support by launching localized music programs that support independent music. This year, Jack Daniel’s Philippines celebrates independent music with the “Jack On Stage”.

Now on its 3rd Philippine tour, Jack Daniel's has changed the pace and come up with another unique celebration of Filipino independent music. Jack Daniel’s Philippines has been successfully sending local Philippine talent across the region for the past six 6 years.

In 2007, the Jack Daniel’s Global Music Program locally tagged the Jack Mix Collaborations, saw Nyko Maca + Playground, together with Cynthia Alexander, representing the Philippines at the regional concert held in Hard Rock Singapore.

In 2009, an adaptation of the original U.K. based The JD Set was launched, and saw loads of independent artists vying for the top stop, which was successfully conquered last March 2013 by Mr. Bones and the Boneyard Circus, who went on to representing the Philippines at the Jack Daniel’s regional held in Cambodia.

This year, with Jack Daniel’s On Stage, the Philippines will bear witness to the independent artists who are making the most waves through their creative ways of playing their music be it through their authentic compositions or their original renditions of covers.

Jack Daniel’s On Stage is the new music program that will once again showcase the magic of the independent artist.  Beginning the tour with the aptly named “Scouting Gigs” where 6 independent production groups will highlight 7 different independent bands each, Jack starts anew the search for the ONE that will represent the Philippines at yet another Jack Daniel’s regional event abroad in 2015, and offers their hand in either producing or marketing the chosen band’s full album.

By tapping into this “grassroots approach” of locating the best of the best, Jack Daniel’s is proud to be working alongside these communities who truly keep the music in the Philippines alive and kicking. 

Also new to Jack Daniel’s On Stage will be the incorporation of one of the Philippines' top music breeding factories, Cebu City.  Wherein, a Cebu based band will also be sent to Manila where the major events of the Jack Daniel’s On Stage will be happening.

Indeed there is something new with Old No. 7 that may stir up noise for the independent musician and Jack invites all avid music fans to get involved. Let’s support music for the INdependent Spirit that is fueled by passion, authenticity and supported with integrity.

So when mucking around with your band, check out the new talent or take part in "Jack On Stage"! Are you IN?

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