Monday, November 18, 2013

Tokyo Tokyo Celebrates Their New Ramen Dishes + Giveaway!

With the weather getting cooler and the ramen craze in full swing in good ol' Metro Manila, the folks at Tokyo Tokyo has come out with three hot ramen flavors for everyone to enjoy! Each dish is made with a Tonkatsu ot Miso broth that has been simmered for at least 24 hours, with a base of koshi ramen noodles, and topped with fresh ingredients.

If you're like me, and feel that ramen flavors can be a bit daunting, take Tokyo Tokyo's quick and fun Ramen Personality Quiz to find out which ramen would best suit you!

Tokyo Tokyo's Spicy Chicken Ramen is full of flavor and served piping hot, topped chicken chunks, scallions, cabbage, nori, and ajitsuke tamago. If you lean more towards the adventurous side, live by your own rules, and are willing to try anything once, this spicy bowl of ramen is exactly what you need before heading off on your next adventure.

Tokyo Tokyo's Braised Pork Ramen can definitely hit the spot, with pieces of sweet marinated pork slices laying atop diced scallions, cabbage, nori, and ajitsuke tamago. When I think of this hearty ramen, I imagine this would suit a very grounded personality or one who is effortlessly chic. Keeping it simple with this uncomplicated bowl of ramen, this is just the ticket one would need before heading out to pick up the kids from school, heading out for a meeting, or a shopping spree with the girlfriends.

And lastly, the Tempura Miso Ramen topped with fresh battered shrimp, scallions, miso paste, nori and ajitsuke tamago is what I'd imagine someone who thrives in simple living and healthy eating would benefit from! Enjoy a piping hot bowl after you sweat it out in the yoga studio or enjoy the light broth on a cold night before heading home from work!

I took the quiz to find out what kind of ramen best suited my personality and I got this:

I'm a Tempura Miso hipster chick! Bohemian's more like it, but sure, I'll take hipster.

When mucking around on a cold night, head for your nearest Tokyo Tokyo branch! I'm also giving away P3,000 worth of gift certificates to Tokyo Tokyo! So if you're a fan of the Japanese restaurant chain, join the sweepstakes on Rafflecopter below. Please note that you have to have completed EVERYTHING on the checklist to qualify for the raffle draw. I'm picking out six lucky ducks on December 3, 2013!

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Note: This is a sponsored post. Thank you Tokyo Tokyo! Ya'll are so Japanice!