Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Marriott Hotel Manila: A Relaxing Afternoon at Quan Spa

The Marriott Manila really is the ultimate hotel paradise for couples who just want to get away from it all without having to leave the city, busy businessmen who want the convenience of being near the airport as well as a stones-throw away from the bustling hubs of Makati and BGC, or if you're anything like me, a retreat from the real world for at least for a few hours.

Curious about Marriott Manila's spa, I checked out Quan Spa on the second floor of the hotel. Located on the same floor as the pool and the gym, the spa occupies a big chunk of the floor area, mostly dedicated to treatment rooms and the changing rooms.

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Perusing the spa menu, there were a couple of treatments I fancied trying the next time I come back. The most popular services at the spa are the massages, and the hour-long treatments available are the Aroma Fusion Massage (P2,300), Deep Renewal Massage (P2,500); the 90-minute treatments being the Earth Stone Massage (P3,500) and De-Stress Massage (P3,400); with the Hilot Massage (P3,400) being 75 minutes long.

I like my scrubs and wraps more, and Quan Spa has a Tropical Renewal (P2,780) scrub that lasts for 45 minutes, as well as hour-long sessions of Fresh Coffee Scrub (P2,850), Fresh Coconut Polish (P2,780), and Fresh Milk and Oatmeal Polish (P2,780). They also have Green Coffee Wrap (P3,620), Therapeutic Moor Wrap (P3,620), and Seaweed Detoxifier (P5,410) treatments that last for an hour each.

If you want the complete package, then the Ultimate Escape (P8,750) is for you. A 3-hour and 30-minute long spa escape treatment that includes a bath (Connect, Dream, or Nurture), a Fresh Body Scrub (Fresh Coconut Polish, Fresh Coffee Scrub, Fresh milk and Oatmeal Polish), a one-hour massage (Aroma Fusion or Deep Renewal), and a facial (Moisture Surge, Light and Luminous, or Gentlemen's Facial).

If you go in to relax as a couple, the Embrace (P10,010) spa escape is good for two people and lasts for 2 hours and 30 minutes. The services in the package include a Connect Bath, a Fresh Body Scrub (Fresh Coconut Polish, Fresh Coffee Scrub, Fresh milk and Oatmeal Polish), as well as an Aroma Fusion Massage.

Walking to the changing rooms of Quan Spa, you pass through this corridor with beautiful, mosaic-tiled walls, with the sound of water flowing, to help get you relaxed and in the mood for whatever treatment you signed up for.

The changing room is set up like lockers at the gym, minus the smell of sweat and damp socks. The changing areas are huge, and there are changing cubicles around the corner if you don't feel as European (read: stripping down in front of other women and not giving a damn) as you'd like.

After your treatment or your workout at the gym, you can hit the sauna or take a dip in the Jacuzzi before heading to the shower to rinse off and get dressed. This kind of reminds me of a Moroccan hamam in a way, minus all the mud and the big Arab lady scrubbing you down.

When mucking around Marriott Manila and wanting to forget about the world for a few hours and melt into a treatment table, give Quan Spa a go. I personally think the best spa rates are the ones you take as a couple - not only is it super relaxing, it's pretty damn romantic, too!

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