Thursday, October 24, 2013

Seattle's Best Christmas Coffees + 2014 Dream Journal

Christmas is in full swing in Manila, as Seattle's Best is already getting into the Christmas spirit with their creative and four cheerful Christmas coffees that come in both hot and Javakula! Try out all their newest flavors and collect stickers to get the really posh looking 2014 Dream Journal!

The Eggnog Frost is composed of white chocolate mocha with eggnog and cinnamon flavors, topped with whipped cream and silver beads. Quite the sophisticated drink, this eggnog doesn't come with a swig of alcohol, but the flavors still come through. Eggnog is a flavor we rarely see in Manila, and because of that, this is my favorite - just because it's so unique.

Gingerbest has white chocolate mocha with a kind of gingerbread syrup, topped with whipped cream, red and green Christmas tree sprinkles and a little gingerbread man. I was expecting this to taste like gingersnaps, but it tasted more like a coffee-based chai than anything else. It was pretty good, but not quite what I was expecting.

I liked Roasted Hazelnut, with all the flavors really coming through. The classic mocha base had roasted hazelnut syrup topped with whipped cream, a bit of crushed hazelnuts and snowflake button candies. If you want your drink to taste more like coffee with a festive Christmas aftertaste, and not the other way around, then this flavor is for you.

A sucker for anything with mint, I really liked their Cookies and Mint. I may be missing SBC's Peppermint Pots right now, but the classic mocha with Oreo cookies and mint syrup topped with whipped cream and crushed Oreos were a pretty cool substitute.

And of course, with the Christmas drinks out, there is also the SBC Dream Journal to look forward to! I think this is the prettiest one I have ever seen - with the beautiful leather covers -and functions more like a refillable notebook than a journal. It comes in a purpleish pink, a creamy apricot, a natural brown, and a cool grey.

How to get a SBC 2014 Dream Journal:
  • Collect 18 stickers between the period of Oct. 25, 2013 and January 15, 2014.
  • Get 1 sticker per SBC beverage, not including excluding bottled drinks and water.
  • The 18 stickers must include at least 8 holiday drink stickers (Gingerbest, Egggnog, Cookies and Mint and Roasted Hazelnut).
  • A maximum of two cards can be combined to complete one SBC Dream Card.
  • Redemption period is until March 16, 2014 only.
Part of the proceeds of the journal sales will be going to help World Vision - sending a child to school and helping the community in the process.

Opening it up, you can really get to appreciate the soft leather cover. Once I'm done using up all the pages, I'll probably turn this into a nice notebook that I can tote around with me and buy those notebook refills at National Bookstore or Muji.

The journal also has a lot of little items that you may find useful, like a little bookmark to keep track of where you are in your journal, or maybe for a book you're reading.

And aside from the obvious calendar that is a pre-requisite for decent journals everywhere, this one also comes with a CD with a few soothing SBC tracks, so you can pop it in and feel like you're zoning out at a cafe somewhere when really, you're chilling at home in front of the fan. Haha!

When mucking around Manila, check out Seattle's Best Coffee's latest Christmas flavors and collect all 18 stickers to get the 2014 Dream Journal. Not only will you be the owner of one sweet-looking planner, but you'll be helping a World Vision child in the process. And that's always a good thing.

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