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Marriott Manila's Festive Treats: Christmas Hampers

Deck the halls with boughs of holly... in September! Ah yes, we in the Philippines are infamous for having the longest Christmas that starts in September finally culminating on February of next year. With that in mind, Christmas gifts can be such a bother to shop for - especially for business clients - which is why I find Marriott Manila Hotel's Christmas Hampers to be quite convenient.

There are quite a few Christmas hampers to choose from, all thoughtfully put together by the Marriott team and Executive Chef Meik Brammer:

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The Classic Hamper (P3,400)
This is perfect for the friend, client or family member who enjoys good Italian food. Included in the hamper is Marriott's super cute gingerbread jeepney, a chocolate Santa Claus, mango chocolate bar, dry pasta, tomato sauce with basil, extra virgin olive oil, and martini olives.

The Deluxe Hamper (P5,100)
Share your appreciation for your Spanish roots this Christmas with this hamper that includes a gingerbread house, chocolate Santa Claus, classic fruit cake, six pieces of big homemade cookies, Spanish paella rice, tomato sauce with basil, extra virgin olive oil, and martini olives.

Cru Premium Hamper (P8.800)
For the steak lover, this is probably the only hamper they'd want to see under their tree! The Cru Premium Hamper includes a chocolate Santa Claus, a gingerbread house, and martini olives as well as a Cru Steakhouse VIP reservation plate to dine at the metro’s premium steakhouse, a Benchmark Cabernet Sauvignon with two wine glasses, Nutella, brie, salami and crackers, chocolate truffles in a box, and Illy coffee. Now this is my kind of hamper!

Customize Your Hamper
If you'd like to make the Chrismtas hampers you give out a lot more personal, you can also opt to order a lot of other fun-filled treats to fit their personality.

For friends with a sweet tooth, check out Marriott's Chocolate Masterpieces like the Mango Chocolate Bar (Philippine dried mangoes covered in rich Belgian white chocolate) or the Chocolate Santa Claus, the Chocolate Snowman, and the Chocolate Santa with Gifts for the young ones and young once. For those who like their chocolate with a bit of crunch, the Milk Chocolate Clusters made with 100% Belgian milk chocolate with nuts and dried fruits does the trick. Those who prefer hand-rolled Swiss-made chocolates can order a box of 4 or a box of 9 of Pralines and Truffles.

Patrons of Java+ will surely be thrilled to see the hotel’s Pastry Specialties such as the Gingerbread House (the edible masterpiece made of sweet cookie dough flavored with ginger and honey then decorated with colorful pastillage, cookies, and sugar candies), big Homemade Cookies (in chocolate chip, strawberry, cinnamon, crinkles, almond, and oatmeal flavors), or the classic Grandma’s Rum-Flavored Fruitcake.

There’s also the melts-in-the-mouth  and mildly moist Macarons that comes in mango, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, and mocha butter cream flavors and the traditional Stollen Bread - the German version of the fruit cake in which the dough is added with a light kick of orange, candied citrus peel, raisins, almonds, then spiced with ginger and cinnamon.

Other delightful treats are the Buche de Noel traditional yule log cake covered with iconic elements of Christmas in chocolate ganache, chestnut caramel, and tiramisu flavors and the Winter Berry Cheesecake - a traditional white chocolate cheesecake topped with luscious cranberry compote and Christmas chocolates.

For the purveyors of deli delights, put a few bags of Spanish paella rice, brie and crackers, salami and crackers, Nutella, dry pasta, orange marmalade, Balsamic vinegar spray, tomato sauce with basil, extra virgin olive oil, and martini olives in their hamper! Ok, that's probably a lot, so it would be best to pick and choose what you think they'd like. These can also be paired with the hotel’s gourmet beverage selections: Moët et Chandon, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay of Wine Benchmark, Australia, and Illy coffee.

You may also opt to spread the Marriott love with collectible mementos of the hotel like the Marriott stuffed toy, Marriott tumbler, or an additional hamper box. If your loved one is a frequent traveler then the Club Marriott Membership (P7,800) would be something they'd be sure to appreciate.

When mucking around Marriott Manila, check out their adorbabol Christmas hampers or customize your own to give to loved ones (or yourself!) this Yuletide season!

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