Monday, September 9, 2013

Resorts World Manila's Thrillapalooza Concert Series

As part of the Thrillathon anniversary revelry, the Thrillapalooza concert series features the most talked about artists in the local music and showbiz industries today. Among the headliners this September are Yeng Constantino, Jennylyn Mercado, Side A, Aia De Leon, Jay-R, Iya Villania, Paulo Avelino, Richard Poon, Liezel Garcia, Wency Cornejo, Rachelle Ann Go, and Kin Chiu.

Being one of the lucky few to get invited to the Thrillathon press event, I was treated to the musical stylings of our country's biggest and brightest stars. Yet because I haven't been watching any of the local channels for the longest time, I only knew a few of them.

Jonalyn Viray treated us to a song from her latest album that also happened to be the theme song to My Husband's Lover, Help Me Get Over. I know it reads like such a cliché, but it was a pretty nice song. The way she sang it and her eyes were just so sad. This girl has been through a lot and it shows.

I've been a Jay-R fan for a long time, and it was nice to know all the fame hasn't gone to his head. Taking more of a backseat nowadays, producing for other artists under his label Homeworkz, the now King of R&B gave us an a capella  of the song that got him made, Bakit Pa Ba. When did he de-thone Janno? I'm so not a showbiz person.

There are a few other young acts to look out for at the Thrillathon, most of who I'm not familiar with. Sitti was there. If anyone wants to hear a bossa nova cover song - you can stalk her at Resorts World Manila.

The next set of performers that took the stage to be interviewed were relatively unknown to me, aside from a handful that were sitting on the couch. I love K Brosas! She was as funny and uncouth as ever, flexing her musical muscles to Adele's Skyfall. I only wished she wore another blouse - the one she was wearing made her look so drab, taking away from her legs that just go on forever.

The newly wed Richard Poon was all smiles, singing his cover of You Are the Sunshine of My Life. I had no clue who he was and initially thought he was a Korean singer who made his name in the Philippines like Sandara Park. Don't judge me, I already told you I don't get into the local scene very often. This is probably a sign that it's about high time I should.

I was a bit disappointed that Yeng Constantino couldn't sing, since she was pretty sick and almost lost her voice. Nevertheless, I ooed and aahed over her cheetah print pants and stiletto heels. I'm loving her red hair, too. I wonder if I could pull that off?

When mucking around Resorts World Manila, check out their sensational line-up of attractions during the Thrillathon! The Thrillapalooza is also set to continue 'til December as more renowned performers take the stage, live and for free!

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