Thursday, September 5, 2013

Resorts World Manila Goes Choco-Loco This September!

Resorts World Manila (RWM), the country's premier one-stop, nonstop lifestyle destination, has gone cocoa-loco as it gives its patrons a taste of utter chocolate bliss for the whole month of September when the integrated resort rolls out its sinfully sweet affairs. As part of RWM's Thrillathon anniversary celebrations, as well as to celebrate International Chocolate Day on September 13, RWM offer up a month choc-full of thrills beginning with a lavish Chocolate Festival.

Being one of the lucky few to be invited to the event, I found myself at RWM's Genting Bar at 11 o'clock in the morning, giddy at the prospect of all the chocolate I'd be consuming in a span of a few hours. My first time at the Genting Club, I was surprised at just how big the place was! They set up the main hall with little cocktail tables, with the lunch and chocolates along the sides of the room, prominently displaying all their choco wares. I have to say, the whole place just smelled so good!

All the food that was served that day was infused with chocolate - from the canapés, to the mains, and of course, dessert.

Even the carbs weren't let off the hook, with trays of Potato Cinnamon and White Chocolate Au Gratin as well as the German inspired Chocolate Spaetzle with Butter Cream Sauce.

For the meats in our lunch, we were served a delightful salmon dish served with a light chocolate sauce and an Herb Free Range Pamora Spring Chicken with Almond Coffee and Bailey's Sauce.

The absolute highlight of my lunch were the medium-sized Cafe de Paris Beef Fillet Mingon - done medium, they were tender and juicy, and I was in steak heaven at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.

Along with lunch, servers were going around with shooters of chocolate cocktails and mocktails. My favorites were Genting Club's Manila Spice that was made up of chocolate syrup, Tabasco, and Tennessee Whiskey; Passion's Kung Fu Crush - a mocktail made up of fresh milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream and cherries, and Cafe Maxim's Civet Cold Chocolate Sensation put together with Coffee Barako Alamid, macadamia, butterscotch, chocolate syrup, vanilla gelato, and a melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cookie. Yes'suh, that was some really good stuff!

For dessert was even more chocolate (naturally), I tried my very best to go through all of them, which alas, was in vain.

They had petite Flourless Chocolate Cake that was dense and fudgy, topped with a delicate cream.

I didn't try the Double Chocolate Brownies, but was told by my companion that day that it was super good.

Of course, no chocolate dessert bar would ever be complete without the obligatory chocolate fountain with fluffy marshmallows, melon and pineapple slices, as well as dried apricots.

There were little mounds of Red Velvet covered with white chocolate and finished off with fresh strawberries.

RWM took the chocolate fountain display a step further with a Strawberry Chocolate Fountain! The display itself was also pretty interesting. You could see all the chocolate pillars and boxes on display are actually made up of chocolate.

Even the standees are made up of bricks of chocolate! The lengths that they did to incorporate chocolate into their presentation was pretty mind-blowing. I felt a bit woosy just looking at all the chocolate, and I'm a self-confessed chocoholic!

My favorite dessert of the night were the Mary Janes, a crunchy base layered with chocolate, then a dark sponge cake, and even more chocolate, then a chocolate mousse, and finally a nice thick layer of chocolate ganache. Choco-ception!

If that wasn't enough, there was a separate station for other chocolate goodies like chocolate squares, chocolate bark, and pralines, along with a praline station so you can see and appreciate how the stuff gets made.

In addition, there was also a cute handprinting activity where guests could get their hand print immortalized in chocolate - that is, until the ants get to them.

Guests can continue the chocolate sensation overload as different RWM restaurants including Bar 180, Genting Bar, Prosperity Court, The Terrace, NoodleWorks, Ginzadon, Passion, Mercado and Cafe Maxims as well as Marriott Hotel Manila outlets dole out a myriad of sweet and savory thrills through chocolate-infused dishes, desserts, and drinks prepared by Marriott and RWM's world-class chefs.

From September 2-15, RWM will host renowned Chocolatiers promising a world of delight with sweet bites and even sweeter deals in the Chocolate Sale. Favorite  chocolate brands such as Machiavelli, Villa del Conte, Composite, Nestle, Bruges, Marriott Cafe and Resorts World Manila's very own Cafe Maxims will offer their line up of sweet treats as the event unfolds at the Newport Mall Plaza and through premium online store, iGrab, until September 15.

To keep the chocolate thrills coming, RWM will also mount a series of one-of-a-kind Chocolate Exhibits from September 6-30 that will feature chocolate in different forms such as chocolate-inspired clothing presented by different brands of RWM, photographs of decadent chocolate dishes, and ornate chocolate sculptures crafted by world-class chefs from Marriott Hotel and Cafe Maxims which guests can also purchase.

So when mucking around Resorts World Manila, go and check out the chocolate exhibits for yourself before heading on over to your favorite roulette table or slot machine. This'll give even Willy Wonka a run for his money!

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