Monday, September 23, 2013

Enjoying a Slice of New York at NOLITA

Nothing screams New York like a big ass slice of pizza. Be it the Yellow Cab or SNR variety, this is a guilty pleasure I like to indulge in once every two weeks - with a friend or two, of course. I must've been a Ninja Turtle in a past life. With pizza joints claiming to serve "authentic New York pizzas" only a handful have really gotten the big slice with gooey cheese down pat, and one of them is my favorite gourmet pizza place, NOLITA - in true New Yorker form, NOLITA is short for North of Little Italy.

On one particularly lovely Saturday morning, Jericho and I took our dogs for a walk around BGC High Street and met up with Jazmin and Eric of EricJaz Foodies for a spot of brunch. They brought their son, Mati, along so he could go biking afterwards.

I was really looking forward to ordering a huge slice of Wild Mushroom Walnut Ricotta Pizza, but they were out of mushrooms that morning, so that wasn't on the list. I was terribly disappointed. For a vegetarian pizza, I loved the flavor combination, especially when you ask for extra bleu cheese in the mix.

Settling for what they had, I got a slice of their Chicken Parmesan (P250). The chunks of breaded chicken and tomatoes and strips of melted cheese was pretty good. There was a lot of chicken chunks, which is always a good thing! I fed a few pieces to the dogs, and while they were happy chowing down on chicken, I still had enough on my pizza that I didn't really feel like I was missing out. They were quite generous with the tomato base as well, so in a lot of ways this was better than the pasta version.

Jericho got the Pesto Grilled Chicken with Sun-Dried Tomato (P250). I found the flavors to be simple and quite rustic. I love anything with pesto, and that along with all the other toppings felt like eating antipasto on a pizza.

Jazmin, needing her pasta fix, got an order of Pesto Mascarpone Pasta (P310) that she generously shared with us. The fresh pesto was pretty light, but the pasta and the Mascarpone cheese will definitely fill you up.

Eric got a big slice of NOLITA's Cheeseburger (P190) pizza. It must've been very good as it was gone in five minutes. This was the meatiest slice of pizza on the menu that morning.

Mati is a pizza purist by the looks of it, and had a slice of Regular Cheese (P130). He was too distracted by little Zoey and Mr. Wiggles that he ended up feeding most of his pizza to a very willing Zozo. She must take after her owner - she's a foodie, too!

When mucking around High Street at BGC, head on over to NOLITA for your pizza fix. Not only do they have amazing NY-style pizzas, they also have other Italian favorites like pasta and cannoli, so you almost feel like you're in Little Italy!

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