Friday, December 6, 2013

Maki Moto: Oishi Japanese at BF Resort Village

I wish Las Piñas would be a bit more adventurous with the food choices. Between the roast chicken stalls, popular franchises, and tapa joints, there aren't many places one can go to when craving for good food. Which is why I think Maki Moto at BF Resort a godsend. Not only do they have pretty good Japanese food at very affordable prices, it's also just a walk away from Jericho's place!

Jericho and his sister Justice were looking for Japanese chow a few weeks ago, while I was on the prowl for buffalo chicken wings one Sunday night, so we headed over to our friendly-neighborhood Japanese hole-in-the-wall for some good grub.

My dinner started with an order of Tuna Sashimi (P178) - six pieces of raw tuna sliced into conservative pieces. Ok, they're a bit on the small side and aren't as fresh as I'd like them to be, but I need to work with what I got when I'm here. A bit of kikoman, a squeeze of calamansi, and a lot of wasabi later, and my gob in the middle of my face is happy.

I was disappointed with their Spicy Shrimp Roll (P148). I've been ordering this for the past two years, and the portions used to be pretty big and presented way better than these washed out pieces of makimoto.

I also got an order of Asian Wings (P148) six pieces of crispy chicken wings tossed in a soy-based Japanese sauce. As much as I was disappointed with the Spicy Shrimp Roll, I was as elated with their portioning out of wings! They used to be three chicken wings cut in half, but now they were six whole chicken wings. It's more bang for your buck and it didn't cost that much to begin with.

My usual order at Maki Moto is their Tonkatsu (P158) that comes with Yakimeshi rice. Again, I love the generous portions. And the food is pretty great, too! The katsu is light and crispy without being oily, and the sauce goes really well with both the rice and the slab of fried porcine.

Justice ordered the Gyudon (P168) - a bowl of rice topped with beef, shirataki noodles and onions simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi, soy sauce and mirin, and topped with a raw egg.

When mucking around BF Resort Village, Maki Moto is worth looking into, especially for the budget-conscious looking for decent Japanese food. Their rice toppings and noodles are pretty spot on, and every October they slash 20% off their makimotos to celebrate Octoberfest!

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Images taken by Jericho San Miguel of Tasty Pixel Photography

Maki Moto
+63 2 478 5548
Gloria Diaz Street,
BF Resort Village, Las Pinas
Open Daily: 11am - 11pm