Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Koko Buri Opens in Bonifacio Global City

The Korean chicken house from Pampanga has come to Metro Manila, opening its newest store at Bonifacio Global City. I had heard some really good things about this place from friends who had tried this over in Mabaclat when they went up to Pampanga. Passing by the newest food destination at BGC, the Forum, Koko Buri piqued by curiosity, and being the self-proclaimed Queen of Korean Chicken Wings, I just had to check this out!

You really can't miss Koko Buri - the glaring sign outside is just too hard to miss. Parking may be quite a challenge, as they seem to have adequate parking slots for the building. I suggest you part over at the Fort Strip and walk over to the Forum instead..

I met up with some of my foodie fambam for a spot of lunch, which turned out to be a whole afternoon of eating, chatting, and laughing.

For appetizers, there was Dori Dori (P260) - cream dory fish deep-fried with a special batter and served with Koko Buri's tartar sauce. This was light and not at all oily, which was a relief. The batter had flecks of herbs in them, even though I could barely make out the taste, as the tartar sauce left a thick coating on each fish stick.

We also got an order of Fresh Potato Chips (P155) that I mostly ate after everyone else moved on to their platefuls of rice. The fresh whole potatoes are instantly diced and deep-fried upon ordering, making sure each bite is crisp with a melodious crunch. This came with some ketchup, but it's really just best eaten on it's own, although it could've benefited from a dash of kosher salt.

The Chicken Popcorns (P190) was a bit underseasoned and didn't taste like much. I'd skip this on my next trip back. The Koko Buri original fried chicken breasts are sliced 'til bite-sized and served with a garlic gravy sauce. This may not do it for me, but if you have kids with you this is perfect for them.

To wash everything down, I had a refreshing glass of Natural Grape Slush (P140) while Jericho tried the Natural Carrot & Apple Slush (P140). These bright, colorful, all-natural fruit drinks are pretty big, too!

We also had an order of Koko Buri's Oriental Express (P290), which also happens to be their signature chicken salad. This had the components of a Greek salad - lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and olives - with a nutty, Asian dressing.

Jericho needs his soup with his meals, and was delighted when a big bowl of Nagasaki Champon (P595) came out. This rich, pork-based broth hides five different kinds of seafood in the big pot served Izakaya style with Udon noodles. I'm not kidding when I said this was huge - an order is good for 6 - 8 people.

For our mains, we tried all of Koko Buri's Korean chicken. This comes in two sizes - Large is 2-4 people while the Family size serves is 6 - 8 people.

The Koko Buri Chicken (Large - P390; Family - P750) is coated with their special crispy batter. Perfect for Korean chicken purists who prefer their sauce on the side, this comes with a garlic sauce for you to enjoy with your Korean fried chicken that also happens to be finger licking good!

My favorite that day was the Soy Garlic Chicken (Large - P390; Family - P750). Sweet and crispy, the sauce makes the coating so much better! I think I went through two of these before calling it quits and sharing. Haha!

Jericho and I ate the Chili Garlic Chicken (Large - P360; Family - P750) - the others were afraid to touch it after seeing the thin slices of siling labuyo on top. It wasn't as spicy as the other Korean fried chicken versions that I've tried, I think the heat was significantly toned down for the Filipino palate. This was basically the soy garlic chicken with a kick that lingered on the tongue.

We had two rounds of Soju Cocktails (P200 for 500ml) that afternoon as well! This is an ice-blended Korean Soju cocktail which we tried in both Grape and Cherry flavors. I was apprehensive at first, since soju is just way to strong for me, but when iced in a slushy like this, you can barely taste it. Gun Bae!

The Pizza con Gambari (P485) was pretty awesome for a thin-crust pizza. I wasn't expecting much, but the Koko Buri style shrimp pizza topped with prawns and mushrooms with a special blend of herbs and spices really hit the spot.

Lastly, we tried the Primavera (P455) - topped with all kinds of meat and vegetables with a thick layer of Mozzarella cheese and herbs, this tasted like the thin crust version of specials you'd get at pizza joints. I'd order the other pizza when I come back, but again, if you have kids who want something that tastes familiar, this isn't a bad option.

When mucking around Bonifacio Global City, get away from the crowds at High Street and check out Koko Buri at the Forum for Korean fried chicken and other Western dishes with an Asian twist! They don't have dessert yet, unfortunately, but hey, that's what their neighbors are there for!

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Images taken by Jericho San Miguel of Lightbulb Photography

Koko Buri
+63 932 853 5656
2/f Forum South Global Building,
7th Ave., cor. Federacion Drive,
Fort Bonifacio, Taguig
Open Daily: 11am - 11pm