Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dessert Series: The Blue Kitchen's Chocnut & Flat Tops Butters

Cookie Butter seems to be the Christmas gift of choice this year, with Biscoff now being available at all leading department stores. What started as a cult fad has now turned into a nationwide frenzy for the creamy (or chunky!) cookie butters, with people sandwiching them between pieces of bread, baking them into cupcakes, or eating them right out of the jar!

I discovered The Blue Kitchen was one of the first stores to carry the in-demand jars of special butter, as well as the Trader Joe's version. Yet what most people haven't found out yet is as a purveyor of Filipino delicacies, it also carries the local Chocnut and Flat Tops Cookie Butters! I took two of the bottles home to try when I passed by their Rockwell branch a few weeks back, and am very happy to report that both bottles are at least halfway done.

The Chocnut Butter (P200) is super rich. Don't let the slightly watery consistency fool you, if it gets any creamier than this, I feel it would be too sweet. I can eat this on it's own, or spread it atop of a slice of bread or a biscuit. Each bite brings bad fond childhood memories of chocnut hoarding over the summer . Haha!

The Flat Tops Butter (P240) on the other hand is very,very thick. It looks more like the Flat Tops were unwrapped and turned into a paste before put into a jar. I suggest blitzing this into a microwave for a few seconds if you want to use this as a sandwich spread. Otherwise, spread little bits and pieces onto crackers of biscuits, or just do what I've been doing over the past few days and eat it right out of the bottle whilst enjoying your favorite TV series.

When mucking around Manila, check out the Filipino delicacies and original Pinoy concoctions at The Blue Kitchen! They have stores at both the Rockwell Powerplant as well as Shangri la Mall. Check out their Pure Aligue, Milk Keffir, and their frozen stuff while you're at it!

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Images taken by Jericho San Miguel of Tasty Pixel Photography

The Blue Kitchen
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