Monday, July 29, 2013

Ritchie's Diner: Classic American Favorites at BF Homes Parañaque

BF Homes Parañaque is the foodies haven of the south. You have a little bit of everything there: an authentic Irish pub, cheap Korean bbq joints, a Japanese restaurant that serves the most creative Japanese dishes I have ever seen, and to my delight, a 70's Diner!

I would usually pass by Ritchie's Diner whenever I need to run errands to and from BF Homes, or when I'd visit my favorite Korean joint for some good ol' Korean bbq or hit up one of the Korean groceries for lots and lots of kimchi and aloe vera juice.

Once night, after hanging out with friends over sushi, Jericho and I were left with our tummies still growling, pleading to be satiated. What can I say, we're naturally greedy people - we just love good food. Passing by the bright yellow sign of Ritchie's, I had a sudden craving for buffalo wings, and that was enough of an excuse for us to pull over and check the place out.

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Props to whoever designed the space! I love how they really stayed true to the diner theme, nixing the red Denny's booths for a cooler, yellow and grey theme and using floor length mirrors to open up the small space.

Our server that night was super helpful and accommodating. Thank you for not giving us attitude for showing up at midnight. Although some restaurants close in the wee hours of the morning, it's annoying when servers skulk and try to hurry you up so they can close a little earlier. I did not get that at all with this place, and everyone who worked there all had a smile on their face. So thank you for feeding two very hungry foodies at that time of night!

I got my wish and ordered the Ritchie's Hot Wings (P210 - 6 pcs., P375 - 12 pcs.) - crunchy, crunchy wings in homemade spiced sweet-coy sauce glaze. You can get your wings mild or hot. Naturally, I went for hot - it's the only way to go when you're with me. The buffalo wings were huge and piping hot, and each mouthful had a little bit of sweet, sour, and some heat - perfect. The plate was gone in about 10 minutes. I was licking my fingers for the next 15.

No diner experience would ever be complete without Milkshakes (P118) and at Ritchie's Diner they come in vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, ube, and the flavor of the month. Yes, ube! Jericho wanted to order that, but played it safe and opted for the Strawberry instead. He wasn't disappointed. Neither was I with my chocolate-flavored milkshake. 

Like dessert in a glass, both milkshakes were very, very thick and tasted more like a deleectable ice cream shake than anything, the sweet, icy cold beverage soothing out tongues from the heat (well, not really) of the buffalo wings. I had just found diner heaven in Parañaque!

Jericho had been craving for a good burger for a while now and ordered the Southwestern Burger (P190) - comprised of 1/3 pound all beef patty, with chunky beef chili and a tomato-cilantro salsa on top. I love how a burger that delicious costs under P200, when the same serving in Makati or BGC would cost well over P250.

I got a taste of Jericho's burger and closed my eyes as images Clint Eastwood battling aliens filled my head, and thinking, "That was a really bad movie." This burger is the epitome of Texas, ya'll! And it also makes for awesome hangover food! You have the grilled. medium rare patty with the chili sauce, the sweet tomatoes and onions, and then a kick of cilantro at the end.

Whenever Jericho complains about wanting his patty well-done I reach over and slapped him sideways for blaspheming. Why would you want to ruin a perfectly juicy patty by overcooking it? When you hang out with me, tell me in advance if you want your burgers well done so I know to take you to the nearest McDonald's instead of some place that serves actual meat in their patties.

While waiting for your food to be served, you can spend time chatting about the bar mural on the wall and figuring out who the dude on the far right is. You've got Brad Pitt sipping his coffee, Angelina Jolie hanging out for mural support (ya see what I did there?), Morgan Freeman and Johnny Depp sharing a joke, and I think that's Harrison Ford at a weird angle snickering to himself.

Another great thing about the restaurants in BF Parañaque is the price. With no expensive overhead costs to deal with, they can churn out excellent food at prices that won't break the bank - which for me is all the more reason to order more! So when mucking around BF Parañaque, give Ritchie's Diner a try. If we hadn't already eaten dinner, I would've also ordered the Texas Chunky Chili Bowl, Steak Quesadilla, and Meatball Sub! Oh, and don't forget to generously tip your server!

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Images taken by Jericho San Miguel of The Pixel Project Manila

Ritchie's Diner
+63 748 8733
303 Aguirre Avenue, Phase 3,
BF Homes Paranaque, Parañaque
Open Daily 7am - 2am