Monday, July 22, 2013

Giveaway: loudbasstard™ Sound Amplifiers

I love my loudbasstard™! It's about time you get on the green technology train and have one for yourself, too!

As my way of thanking everyone for reading and supporting Mucking Around Manila, I'm giving away three all-natural sound amps, thanks to the generous folks at loudbasstard™!

We amplify your music experience in a time where people like to share, in an era of cultural awakening, in an era of increasing personal freedom... For the love of music.
While escaping modern technology is not plausible, bringing it back to basics is. The loudbasstard™ sound amplifier offers a way to merge currently evolving technology, industrial design and sustainability by catering to a modern design conscious demand. This green alternative has been adapted in homes, offices, and for portable outdoor use throughout the Philippines and abroad.

Formed in October 2012, loudbasstard™ products are made from natural materials and created with love by the hands of skilled and talented Cebuano artisans. Each loudbasstard™ product is an embodiment of the founders’ passion to spread and share the love of music.

The loudbasstard™ sound amplifier enables you to share your music through passive sound amplification. The abundance of natural resources and quality craftsmanship in Cebu are key elements in their design process. Each piece is organically treated to prevent borers and cured to achieve desired moisture level suitable for temperate climates. It is then hand cut, hand dyed, and hand packaged in-house in Cebu, Philippines.

While mucking around, these eco-friendly bamboo sound amps are perfect for playing your favorite tunes on the beach, at the park, or bring it to an all night drinking session with the buds and you don't have to worry about getting beer all over it or its short-circuiting. Just don't get it all over your actual gadget - that would be a bummer.

Want to win your very own loudbasstard™? Then sign up for the sweepstakes, and you might just get one of these babies in the mail!

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