Saturday, July 20, 2013

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo Introduces the Chicken Parmigiana Pizza

I love me some chicken parmigiana! Imagine a generous piece of chicken breast lovingly coated with egg, flour, good quality grated Parmesan, and Italian breadcrumbs, fried to a beautiful golden hue and served with a rich, full-bodied tomato sauce based pasta.

I had been hearing a lot of good things about Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo, but haven't been able to check them out for myself yet. So one night, Jericho and I made our way to Makati to check out Angel's Pizza's newest pizza flavor: The Chicken Parmigiana!

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo has a small store along Makati Avenue, right across North Park and Tianamen. The old logos colors reminded me of Goldilocks. I ended up nursing a craving for lumpiang sariwa the whole time we were there.

Angel's Pizza recently launched their newest pizza flavor, the Chicken Parmigiana. It didn't look at all what I expected it to be. The chicken pieces were obviously unseasoned and looked quite dry, with the smattering of tomatoes and thinly sliced bell peppers. This is nothing like the chicken parm pasta-turned-pizza image I had in my head.

I tried the thin crust Chicken Parmigiana pizza first. It surprised me, since I didn't expect to like the cream-based sauce as much as I thought I would, although the thin crust pizza tasted a bit like cardboard. Delicious cardboard, nonetheless, with the highlight of the pizza being its rich, creamy base.

While waiting for the thick crust Chicken Parmigiana to come out, I checked out the Angel's Pizza Club card. It had a few perks:
  • Buy one, take one on the Big Family and Family Pizzas at any time, any day. I don't think this is literally 'any time', more like "within the delivery hours";
  • 25% discount on all pizzas purchased; and
  • Birthday Treat: A free Angel's Aloha or Bacon & Cheese medium pizza if you dine in or get it to go.
Since this was my first time dining at Angel's Pizza, I didn't know whether I'd still be coming back, so I passed on purchasing the card for the meantime. I have all these loyalty cards I end up never using and this would just end up to be another one to the pile.

The hand-tossed pizza fared way better with me. I liked the thick dough-y crust and the soft pillow-y pizza bed. The cream base seeped into the thick, dense dough, giving it a sweet, creamy bite. I really wasn't too happy with the dry bits of chicken, and ended picking them out. The pizza dough reminds me of Domino's, which isn't surprising if you're familiar with Angel's Pizza's back story.

When mucking around Manila looking to chow down on pizza, go local for a change and try Angel's Pizza. I wouldn't recommend the thin crust, but thehand-tossed pizza is pretty solid. Kudos to the Angel's Pizza team for churning out some really good pizzas, but I do wish they'd pay attention to the quality of their protein and keep the standards high.

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Images taken by Jericho San Miguel of The Pixel Project Manila

Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo
+63 2 895 8888; +63 2 899 3642
#1 Constellation St.,
Bel Air Makati Ave., Makati
Delivery Hotline: ++63 2 922 2222
Open Daily: 10am - 10pm