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Solaire Resort & Casino: Creative Cocktail Frenzy at Eclipse Lounge

Whether you just want to sit back and relax after playing for hours at the casino, are a groupie of your favorite band that performs at Solaire weekly, or just enjoy trying creative cocktails, Eclipse Lounge at Solaire Resort & Casino is the place to be.

I had been hearing some wonderful things about their cocktails, and wanted to try them for myself. I got to Eclipse with Jericho and my brother, Nap, as well as Jericho's sister and her boyfriend, a little after midnight. We had gone to Yabu at MOA for dinner with Jericho's parents, and they had taken a nap at the suite. Left to our own devices, we roamed around for a place to hang out in and ended up at the Lounge.

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This hot lounge is your weekend destination for Latin-inspired action. The Solaire Stunners serve craft cocktails while bands and DJs play until early morning. Plus the in-house mixologist keeps the party going with inspired Sangria and crafted cocktails you won’t find anywhere else. 

The bar is a thing of beauty, with row upon row of liqueurs, whiskey, and spirits on display, and all kinds of wine and beer chilling in the fridge.

We were assisted by their very accommodating manager, Ryan, to a nice spot in the middle of the lounge, to faux snake-skinned chairs. There are also private booths that go around the club if you'd rather your evening be more intimate.

Eclipse Lounge showcases three bands per night. We caught the last act, High Impact, who were all pretty awesome, belting out tp Superwoman, Love On Top, and Someone Like You. I especially like the lady with the faux hawk that sounded like Pink. I could listen to her all night long.

We snacked on spiced cashews and nori crisps while listening to the band, and ordered a couple of the Eclipse Cocktails, something the menu described as, "playful libations with a twist". They were way too strong for my taste and I don't think the others enjoyed them as much as well, we barely touched them.

Jericho ordered a Signal #3 (P420) - a mix of rum, ginger, beer, calamansi, and candied ginger served tall. It tasted very watery, with only the taste of the rum coming through. I don't know what this other drink was, but it looked enticing.

Jericho's sister and I had a Hemingway Daiquiri (P420) - Havana Club Blanco, Maraschino liqueur, grapefruit juice, and fresh lime juice, served up. Again, the taste of alcohol was the only thing I could taste in my drink. I put this aside after two sips. This was not at all the fruity daiquiri described on the drink list.

Nap had gotten The Matador (P600) - champagne, sugar, absinthe, and star anise in a flute. You couldn't taste the bubbly champagne, unfortunately. The only flavors that attacked my senses when I tried it was the absinthe and the star anise. You will definitely not be in for a sexy time if you give someone that drink.

We headed over to the bar to get better shots of the drinks (before we realized just how awful they were). Alexander, one of the very friendly baristas at Eclipse, asked us if we wanted to try a really good cocktail. We nodded. A few minutes later he came back with a really pretty drink he named, Blue Sky. O Lawdy, it was amazeballs! I could imagine myself sipping this while lazing around in Hawaii, the sweetness of the pineapple is quite evident in the drink. Now this, THIS is a cocktail!

Marc, another awesome barista, introduced himself and gave me his signature drink, the Berrylicious.  This little baby is dessert you drink, with a kick! I could taste almonds, strawberries, maybe some strawberry ice cream and vodka. I was definitely one very happy girl that evening. Thanks, Marc!

Alexander came back and gave s little something for the guys - a Black Mojito. THink of your usual mojito, but with coke, which gives it an acidity that surprisingly goes well with the muddled mint.

Overall, we had a phenomenal time I strongly suggest ordering the cocktails of the week rather than the cocktails on their drinks list. Not only are they cheaper, they taste infinitely better, too!

When mucking around Solaire in need of a drink, head on over to Eclipse Lounge and chat up these super friendly baristas! Not only are they just hands down marvelous to watch, their cocktails are out-of-this-world splendiforous! Thanks guys, for making my time at Eclipse so memorable! I'll definitely be back for more of that Berrylicious!

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Images taken by Jericho San Miguel

Eclipse Lounge
+63 2 888-8888
G/F, Solaire Resort & Casino
1 Solaire Boulevard, Entertainment City
Metro Manila
Open Daily: 4pm - 3am