Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Celebrate Philippine Independence Day with SocialProject.PH

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

Ok, so we're a very proud race. A very, very proud race. Very. With the Dan Brown hullabaloo last month and the 'Proud to Be Pinoy' shout outs I've been reading on my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts all day, Filipinos are not to be messed with when it comes to their country, no matter how petty and stupid the issue may be. But are you too proud to help out?

For those of you who have at least one post about how proud you are to be a child of the Pearl of the Orient, I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and help make our country better by helping our fellow Filipinos who need an education, electricity, and some form of livelihood. Support SocialProject.PH and pick a project you would like to fund and help it reach a new milestone, and get a reward for being nice or none at all as true altruism doesn't look for rewards.

I am pledging to support Solar Power to the People by the Solar Energy Foundation. Green technology is something I love looking into, and I believe this solution would not only make for a lighter footprint, but if executed right, would pave the way for the Philippines to grow from a developing country, to a developed nation. Sorry, Meralco.

If you pledge $1 or more, you'll get a personal shout-out on the SocialProject.PH webpage and regular updates on the progress of the solar lantern users. OK, they'll throw in eternal gratitude, just for you.

$5+, you'll get all previous rewards, plus a personalized digital certificate of your donation, and a digital photograph of all the community members with their solar lanterns, signed by the entire Solar Energy Foundation team. Is their appreciation for perpetuity not enough? How about free sunshine for the rest of your life? Done!

$25+, you'll get all previous rewards, plus a limited edition SocialProject.PH and Solar Energy Foundation pin. Perpetual thanks and an endless supply of sunshine seem too good to be true? Nope, it's all yours! Give them a little more moolah and they'll put in a good word for you with the sun gods. Trust me, they know people.

$50+, you'll get all previous rewards, the opportunity to sponsor an individual solar lamp with a personalized message on the lamp itself and a limited edition SocialProject.PH poster.Endless appreciation, no strings attached light, and a commendation with the solar deities can't be only $50, right? But it is! And for just $50 they'll throw in a free sunset every day for the rest of your life!

$75+, you'll get all previous rewards, plus a limited edition SocialProject.PH t-shirt.It's all here, folks. Eons of indebtedness, photons on the house, the favor of our radiant overlords and sunsets gratis. Still want more? They will literally give you the sun. It's yours. Brand new interior, 1 billion year warranty. Wanna take it for a spin?

$1,000+, you'll get all previous rewards, a limited edition SocialProject.PH t-shirt and a personal, real-life visit to Apia! You'll be accompanied by members of the StS team (hope you're up for a good hike) and a chance to meet all the community members. You might not be president folks, but this is your chance to shake hands and kiss babies. Airfare and accommodation aren't included, but remember, the entire sun is.

So what are you waiting for? If you like to muck around coffee shops, shelling out to help a fellow human being shouldn't be too much of a stretch - think of it as a venti frappuccino you never got around to drinking. We have all been so blessed, this Independence Day, it's high time we started giving back.

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