Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hyatt Hotel & Casino Launches the Women's Experience

Remember when leaving home was the most amazing thing ever? Travel, especially business travel, has become increasingly stressful and tiring, especially for women, who pack everything but the kitchen sink and then try to flirt our way out of paying for excess baggage. Let's get back to the time when travel made you feel relaxed, restful and, last but not least, happy. Here we'll be posting about how to live the good life while on the road with topics such as: how to maintain your daily routine, the best foods to boost the weary traveler, secrets to a restful sleep, and more.

Thank goodness for the Hyatt. They listened and are here to change all of that, with new amenities for the female traveler in mind. While each feature was driven by insights from women travelers, Hyatt believes all guests can appreciate these new enhancements. The launch of these new amenities and services marks the first milestone in Hyatt’s evolution of hospitality, which include changing the conversation with hotel guests, unleashing a spirit of innovation, and perfecting new concepts through rigorous research and in-hotel testing.

"Hyatt's Women’s Experience is not designed to be a one-size-fits-all hospitality, but feedback and suggestions are more than welcome to help us do better. We want to constantly improve so guests have a better stay today, and also stay with us again in the future”, said Hyatt Regency Hotel and Casino Manila General Manager, Richard Simmons.

By listening to female guests and making changes to create a distinctive and welcoming experience, each guest’s visit is designed to be more comfortable and convenient. Featuring enhancements that won’t interrupt a normal routine from meal options and amenities, this initiative also encourages an open line of communication with the staffs through questions and feedback.

According to Hyatt's research, here's what women want:

Hyatt Has It. It's usually when you're on the way to the airport that you realize you've forgotten something. But not to worry. There's a card in your room with a list of items to have, borrow or buy at the Hyatt. All you have to do is let them know what you need. They've stocked up on everything from curling irons to computer chargers, so you don't have to sweat it if you've left something at home. And yes, they have deodorant, too.

A Balanced Menu. They gave their menus a makeover. They finally pieced together that women crave more menu options and smaller portions. So the Hyatt created new menus filled with customizable, thoughtfully sourced meals designed to give us the choices we think are missing. Even going so far as to offer create-your-own dishes and a range of portion sizes. Available in their restaurants and in room. Even if you arrive late night, they've got menu options that will leave you feeling full, not full of regret.

So when you find yourself mucking around Manila and looking for a hotel whose only goal is to meet at your needs and make you feel as comfortable as you are in your own home, consider checking in at the Hyatt Hotel & Casino.

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