Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swizzle On Wheels Parties Around the Metro

Karla Reyes of Swizzle Mobile Bar has outdone herself. After the success of her mobile bar, she's now set on bringing Vegas to Manila in the form of party buses going around the Metro!

It was a Friday night, and the perfect way to start off the weekend was with a party with the rest of the Schmuzers! I brought Jericho along for the ride as well, as cocktails and chow is always something you'd want to share with a friend. With appetizers, compliments of Go Gourmet and Swizzle’s cocktails and waiters on the ready, I was psyched to get their party on when I saw the bus parked out front.

Working hand-in-hand with The Black Fleet Limousine Service, Swizzle On Wheels provides party goers with 6 hours of fun and drinks while the moving bus takes them to whatever destination they want to go.

It took us around three rounds of picking people up 'til the bus was finally packed, but we were never happier to be stuck in Friday night traffic! The crowd favorite was Karla’s special Caramel Beer – think caramel popcorn in beer form – a cocktail you can only find at Swizzle! There was also a steady stream of Hurricanes, Illusions, Rainbow Shots, and Amaretto Sours, I should made a beeline for the Coco Lychee Martinis! Damn.

Waiters made rounds with delectable appetizers from Go Gourmet – poor Ced, the Incredible Schmuze, didn’t have the willpower to say no – he just kept taking whatever was offered to him. There was Caviar Pie with Crostini, a gourmand’s choice of appetizer served in a shot glass with cream cheese, onions, and egg, topped with caviar; Assorted Bouchees, puff pastry cups stuffed with creamy chicken with mushrooms, seafood pesto and creamy shiitake; and a delicious take on the Cold Cuts Platter, which was a combination of Smoked Tanguingue and Smoked Corned Beef  sandwiched in between soft pandesal buns.

The rates include the party bus rental, driver, and gas for 6 hours, as well and free Wi-Fi on board. Perfect for rockstar parties, arriving and leaving the prom in style, or containing the swank wedding entourage (as well as the bride’s train), turn it up a notch and play music videos on the LCD TV, have a slideshow going on the DVD player, sing your heart out with the Magic Sing, or hook up your iPod and control your own playlist.

It’s a wonder that no one has brought this concept to the Philippines yet, but with Swizzle on Wheels being the first one to do so, it is bound to be a hit! Whatever the occasion – debut, graduation party, birthday party, or an out-of-the-box business meeting - it’s sure to be one big moving party with Swizzle On Wheels!

Swizzle On Wheels
+63 2 725 6205, +63 906 420 0280
Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm