Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Digging the New Greenwich

After meeting with Greenwich's marketing department a week before (and being fed Overloaded Pizzas and Lasagna Supreme), I walked into the Greenwich store in Valero with the rest of the Schmuzers to check it out, and was surprised at how much has changed! You just have to love having to do your r&d - so stuffing our faces with pizza, pasta and buffalo wings come with the job. It really ain't easy, but someone's gotta do it!

The last time I had seen a Greenwich commercial, Rico Yan was still around. Now, they not only have the Greenwich Barkada to represent the brand, but Spaghetti Girls as well, who are also some of the brightest stars on Philippine TV today.

The Beef Lasagna  hasn't changed at all in taste, but the servings got bigger, which is awesome! The last time I had this I felt like the server gave me the butt end of the lasagna on the tray, then found out the servings were really puny. Ho-ray for regular-sized lasagna!

The Buffalo Wingman tastes a lot like Jollibee's Chicken Joy (not a huge surprise there), except it is slathered with Buffalo sauce and comes with a Bleu Cheese dip.

We were also served the Classic Ham and Cheese Pizza - it was just the way I remembered it! I really didn't care much for it, but I do appreciate that they use fresh dough now and not the frozen kind that tasted like a cardboard box.

We were also served the Greenwich Special Overload, which was really good! It tasted a lot like the Super Supreme pizza of that other place, but without the grease. Not sure if I had thirds on this, but I definitely had seconds.

Greenwich has definitely become my go-to local pizza place when I get hungry from all the mucking around. I love that their pizzas are affordable and fresh, and that they deliver on time, with an array of pastas and other side dishes for you to order if you want a bit of variety as well.

Greenwich Pizza & Pasta
China Bank Valero st. corner Villar St.,
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Open Daily: 10am - 10pm