Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tasty Dumplings - a Binondo Favorite!

My good friend, Jericho, and I celebrated the first day of the Year of the Wooden Horse in Binondo for the first time ever. Maybe it was because this year's celebrations seemed to be one of the most festive we've had these past few years (up yours, Lim!), but we just had to come out to Manila to see it for ourselves.

And of course, with all the walking comes all the eating, and my form of comfort food (and what seems to be turning into tradition) when in Binondo is having a meal at Tasty Dumplings. Aside from the food being pretty good - with Taiwanese-style pork chops the size of your head - it's also quite friendly for people on a budget. Or people who want to order a lot.

Tasty Dumplings used to be right next to Binondo Church, on the side where Eng Bee Tin is and near the cute purple firetruck. They have since moved to a smaller space - on the other side of Binondo Church this time next to a shop that sells fish tank pumps and the like. You can't miss the yellow and black sign. The place was packed with hungry customers that day and we were pretty lucky to have found ourselves a spot on the second floor after a few minutes of hovering over tables, waiting for people to finish.

Upon sitting down we ordered our favorite drinks at the place - a refreshing glass of Dalanghita Juice (P55) for me, and Wintermelon Juice (P55) for Jericho.

Ironically, even though the place is called Tasty Dumplings, I had never tried any of their dim sum whenever I go. So since we were in the mood for something new, an order of Dumplings (P90) it was! I couldn't decide on whether or not I wanted them steamed or fried, so we got half of each. I seem to lean towards the unhealthier fried version.

I was surprised at the quantity of dumplings that reached the table! P90 for eight pieces of decent-tasting dumplings isn't bad at all. Filled with seasoned pork, dip each dumpling in the restaurant's special fish sauce and their spicy chili, and a few mouthfuls later you'll end up pretty happy and in need of more of that addicting dalanghita juice.

Going back to old favorites, I ordered the Pork Chop Noodles Bihon (P125), which is bihon noodles (obviously) in a clear broth and a bit of fried garlic and pickles with a side of pork chop that was bigger than the plate it was in.

It is ridonkulous how big the portions are for the price! The noodles and broth are pretty good on their own, but I like to spice things up a bit with a few dashes of fish sauce and chili. Lots of chili.

On a normal day, I'd have this with the confusingly crunchy-yet-pillow-y soft Silver Roll Bread (P60), but we were pretty full up on the dumplings already. Also, I saw this cute kid slowly going through a plate of Hongma (P150) and would've ordered one for myself if it wasn't for all that pork chop.

Sigh, I really need to bring more people with me when I eat out, just so I can order more without looking like a complete and utter glutton.

Jericho ordered the Pork Chop Rice (P125), which had both the gigantic pork chop, rice (you don't say?) and some veg underneath the meat-y African continent. Taiwanese pork chops are thin and crispy, best dipped in their secret not-so-fishy fish sauce before tucking in. This was so big, he couldn't even finish it!

When mucking around Binondo in search for Taiwanese-style pork chops as big as your head, head on over to Tasty Dumplings! With refreshing drinks, good food, and prices that make you just want to keep trying more of their stuff, it's easy to see why this is one of m favorite spots when in the area. Now that I think about it, we should've just ordered the silver roll and hongma to go...

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Tasty Dumplings
+63 2 242 5195
641 Norberto Ty st.,
Binondo, Manila