Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Virtual Mae: A Long Lusting Shoe Affair

I have enough shoes... said no woman, ever. I think I spend more on shoes than I do on clothes. I admit, I'm a shoeholic. It's gotten so bad that not only do I end up buying shoes for myself, I end up buying shoes for other people, too. I have either bought or picked out half the shoes in both my brother and ex-boyfriend's closet. I can't help it. If I think it's pretty, I buy it.

I think I end up buying shoes for other people to compensate for the fact that I find it harder to buy shoes for myself than a boyfriend. Either the pair I like doesn't come in my gigantic size 10, or the gigantic size 10 shoes that are available look hideous. But thanks to the innovations of the 21st century, US shipping, and an abundance of online shoe sellers, finding a pair that I like has become less of a problem, especially now that I've discovered Virtual Mae.

I discovered Virtual Mae, or Mae Sergio, back in 2011, her boots, heels, sandals and sneakers graving magazine covers and full-page spreads. I would lust over the footwear of a barely dressed model, wearing nothing but her short négligée, strings of pearls, and knee-length leopard-print boots. Yes, Manolos, Choos, and Louboutins may be a little over my price range for fashionable footwear, but thankfully Virtual Mae more than compensates for my lack of shoe-porn funds, and with a very reasonable payment plan to boot (pun intended).

My first ever Virtual Mae purchase, I fell in love with Style 4338C as soon as I saw it. I have been looking for the perfect platform sneakers for a while now, and although the ones at Nike caught my eye, this pair is what spoke to me. After making a 50% down payment, these babies arrived a few weeks later. The gold metal accent gives it a nice pop of color.

These look super spiffy and give you a casual air when paired with shorts and a casual tee, jodhpurs and a skin-hugging leotard, or tights, a long t-shirt and a leather jacket.

My days of dressing in stuffy corporate attire may be over, but Style 8500B would be a nice addition to my wardrobe. The grown-up Mary Janes and laser-cut details make the classic shoe versatile, allowing you to dress it up or dress it down.

Keep it classy in a chic blouse and pencil skirt or trousers, or keep it laid back for a ladies brunch with rolled up boyfriend jeans and a white scoop neck tee, and maybe a denim jacket if you think you can pull it off. This little investment also comes in black!

I'm currently saving up for this, since boots do tend to be a bit more expensive. Style 9852A reminds me of Keira Knightley in Pirates of the Caribbean when she gave that horrible speech that made all the Pirate heads band together to defeat the English navy. Rocker chic and quite casual, this is perfect for the current rainy season and the cooler Ber months ahead.

Show off your tush with these in skinny jeans, a camisole, and a cropped jacket. This would also look marvelous in a long ribbed tank top, leggings, a big tote bag, and some bad ass spiky accessories for a bit of attitude.

If you have to deal with a few inches of flood water every time you step out of the house, Style 7406B may be for you. Aside from adding on inches to your height, these platform heels look like walking pieces of art that belong at the MoMA -just look at how the beautiful grain of the wood moves with the rest of the shoe.

Show off your gams in a short dress and these platform booties, pair it with shorts and knee-high socks, or dress them down with ankle-length jeans.

I call Style 9867B the Mikee Cojuancos because the riding boots remind me of her. I don't see many people pulling off the riding boots in Manila, but with the constant flooding in the Metro, I think it's about high time these came into fashion.

I'd wear these babies with skinny jeans or leggings. Keep your look and accessories simple and you should be just fine. With these boots, no one can rain on your parade! And hey, if they do, they're the only ones that'll be getting their feet wet.

After buying my first pair of platform sneakers, I have to say, I'm in love with them and I want more! I'm eyeing Virtual Mae's Style 6841B next - it looks like a fun pair to rock!

These would compliment and kind of short shorts! Pair them with a wife-beater, or any casual looking statement shirt, and neon-tinted shades, and you're good to go rock the skateboard, longboard, or wakeboard scene!

These peep-toe pump booties are a beauty! Style 6668B is what I like to call 'power shoes' because it'll definitely make you feel like bad ass in the boardroom! Not only does it give you a confidence boost, it boosts you up a couple of inches, too.

Definitely wear these with perfectly pressed trousers and the matching jacket, and let this pair of booties speak for themselves. You know what they say about women who wear big buckles... they probably have the bag to match.

I have no idea where I can wear Virtual Mae's Metal 3000, but these look too awesome to pass up! I mean, come on - how many people in this country do you see wearing these? Exactly. Can someone invite me to a fantastic party once I buy these babies just so I have an excuse to wear them?

You don't need to dress them up, they have way too much attitude to be competing with other accessories. All you need is a little black dress, diamond studded earrings, and these. You'll look like a rockstar.

So when mucking around Manila and looking for unique shoes that are sourced from the U.S., check out Virtual Mae on Facebook! Add her as a friend and send her a PM for inquiries and shoe prices. She is super nice! Her requirements are a 50% deposit for every order she processes due by a certain cut-off date (including shipping) and the rest of the payment once the shipment arrives in the Philippines.

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