Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The MiPow Power Tube is a Mobile Lifesaver!

Having a job that involves being online 24/7 can really take a toll on my iPhone's battery. I'd start out with a fully charged battery at 9 in the morning and would sorely need to recharge come 12 noon. That's only 3 hours of my phone being unplugged. My iPhone is fine, it doesn't need a new battery or anything, but using my 3G eats up so much juice, even charging breaks in the car don't seem to cut it when I'm out and about.

I discovered MiPow Power Tube 2200 mAH (P1,559) a few weeks back. It's a universal mobile charger for most mobile phones and game consoles. It comes in a variety of different colors, I just happen to like anything that comes in a fluorescent pink. Looking like a mini vibrator is an added bonus - it raises so many eyebrows whenever I pull it out. Haha!

MiPow (pronounced as My-Pow ), the letters "Mi" stands for "myself", and "Pow" represents "vitality & power". MiPow was founded in 2010, as a young innovative brand on the pursuit to "Make it Different."

Before using it, I fully charged the Power Tube using the USB cable and connecting it to my laptop. While charging, a red light is lit and turns blue once it's fully charged - which takes around 4 - 6 hours.

It comes with a whole lot of charger heads, and is compatible with iPods, iPhones (with the exception of the iPhone 5), 3DS, PSPs, Blackberry, Motorolas, Samsungs, LGs, HTCs, Motorolas, Nokias, Sony Ericssons, and more.

MiPow also comes in 4400 mAH and 6600 mAH, if you have more than once device to charge, and a one year warranty, in case it flubs up and simply refuses to charge one day. This also comes with a pouch so your keys and change and other stuff doesn't scratch the surface.

So when mucking around Manila and constantly needing juice for your mobile phone or gaming console, look for MiPow at any Apple store- just look for the one that closely resembles a mini vibrator.

Just mucking around Manila,

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P.S. MiPow, you had that joke coming! Don't even get me started on the iDongle!

Photos courtesy of Jericho San Miguel