Tuesday, May 7, 2013

My Favorite Must Have Summer Beauty Products

Summer always doesn't the weirdest thing to my skin. It gets all oily and sticky, with dry patches all at the same time - it's just gross. So I've been trying out new beauty products for the past two weeks and have found a few I like enough to incorporate into my regimen all year round.

Here's what I've added to my list:

Garnier Pure Active Multi-Action Facial Scrub
I've run out of my favorite AcneFree Oil Free Cleanser and have to restock when I go back to the States. A good alternative I've found is Garnier's Pure Active Facial Scrub as it's similar to AcneFree and does exactly what it claims to do. Enriched with purifying agents, it cleans out my pores and removes sebum, traces of make-up and impurities. And like AcneFree, it's easy on the pocket, too.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner
I'm currently out of this, since it's something I use everyday to keep acne and blemishes at bay. This little baby helps reduce the appearance of pores and keeps me from breaking out. It also wipes off any leftover makeup, like stubborn BB Cream.

The Face Shop's Chia Seed Water Moisture Holding Seed Cream
This is very lightweight and almost gel like. It kind of turns to water when it comes into contact with my skin and is very easy to spread and absorbs very quickly. My skin feels hydrated and plumped up with water and is something I'd recommend to use if you are looking for a highly hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer.

The Face Shop's Natural Sun AQ Smart Cushion SPF50+
This goes on pretty light, I like to use it as a primer-slash-sunblock before I apply my BB Cream or foundation. Don't fret if the liquid is a few shades lighter or darker than your skin tone. Once it oxidizes, it'll match your skin perfectly.

Missha M Perfect BB Cream
Two years ago, Missha's #23 would have been best suited to my skin tone. But after learning the art of tanning (and staying tan, not red!) I use Missha's darkest shade of BB Cream, # 31. Not only is this one of the best BB Creams around, but it comes in a shade that's sunkissed-friendly. The BB Cream also has little specks of glitter that gives me such a nice glow. All I need is this, some bronzer, and lip gloss in the morning and I'm good to go.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel
Cure is a gentle liquid exfoliator that effectively removes dead skin cells. It's a huge hit in Japan (a bottle gets sold every 20 seconds - cray cray!). Cure exfoliates without using harsh chemicals and is non-abrasive. It apparently removes dead skin cells by reacting to skin proteins and taking away extra amino acids. In the process, it improves the texture of skin, revealing brighter, smoother skin. I use this three times a week and get baby soft skin after every use.

Missha Pure Source Pomegranate Facial Mask
I have started to appreciate face masks now that I'm getting older and my skin, more stubborn. Enriched with pomegranate, the pure cotton mask will brightens up my dull, sad-looking skin and I feel like I took a mini spa day whenever I use this. My dog is hilarious, he tries to lick the mask off when he sees me wearing it!

Bliss Triple Oxygen + C Energizing Cream
I got this on my last trip to New York. One of the most popular products at one of the biggest luxury spas in New York, this little baby releases oxygen to instantly recharge dull skin, while super-charged vitamin C helps promote collagen synthesis, moisturizes, smoothes and brightens my skin. It's a bit expensive for such a small jar, but it's worth every penny.

L'Oreal Sublime Self Tanning Lotion
This is another product I can't find here that I have to source from the States (my last bottle is Lori's Christmas gift). It's easy to apply, gives me an even, long-lasting tan, and looks very natural (read: I don't look like an oompa loompa). It has a faint weird smell, but it's hardly noticeable once you apply it. I put on a layer of shea butter before applying this just so it doesn't stain my hands and feet.

Virgin Coconut Oil
A little bit of this goes a long way. I use this for almost everything - an alternative to lotion, makeup remover, tanning oil, hair conditioning treatment, lip gloss, etc. Virgin Coconut Oil has so many uses, doesn't cost much and best of all, is organic. I have completely fallen in love with the stuff, I have a bottle in my bathroom, in my bedroom, and in the kitchen.

And that's it for my beauty arsenal. What beauty products can't you live without? Let me know, 'coz I'm always looking into trying new stuff out!

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