Saturday, April 20, 2013

Loudbasstard Launches at The Rocket Room

The good people at Loudbasstard have finally come to Manila for the soft launch of their awesome, awesome, awesome product! It was really nice of them to invite me, as I had been dying to go, and I brought a few friends along to check out the goods as well.

Based out of Cebu, the Loudbasstard team flew out to Manila to say hello and see how their bamboo and rattan sound amplifiers were faring in Manila. I guess the answer to that is stupendously well, judging by the turnout last night.

The launch was held at the Rocket Room, which was the perfect venue for the event as it was in the heart of BGC yet had enough privacy for everyone to enjoy a drink or three and mingle, all of them sharing a love for Loudbasstard and the guys who started it all: Juli-Anna, Franz, and Koh Onozawa!

The Loudbasstards were on display in all colors at the event. I rather like the Whitewashed Basstard and the Emerald Basstard, but then again I only really need one, and I have the Turquoise Basstard already.

The Loudbasstard™ sound amplifier is an all-natural, all Cebuano product made of bamboo and rattan. The idea came about from some friends having a few drinks and using a glass to amplify the music playing on their smartphone. While escaping modern technology is not plausible, bringing it back to basics is. Loudbasstard ™ sound amplifier offers a way to merge currently evolving technology, industrial design and sustainability by catering to a modern design conscious demand.

DJs Nix Damn P, and Grammy nominated producer, DJ Illmind, graced our presence with sick beats. It was a bit cramped inside, with the  DJ situated right next to the bar. We opted to stay outside and mingle there instead.

I also love that the servers at both the Rocket Room and Stella wore Loudbasstard shirts to represent!

When mucking around Manila and looking for a unique piece for your home or office, Loudbasstard is it. The green alternative has been adapted in homes, offices, and the beach, throughout the Philippines and abroad. Horay for the green revolution!

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Photos courtesy of Jericho San Miguel