Monday, April 15, 2013

Beat the Summer Heat at Tea Lounge

I'll admit it - I'm in love with Tea Lounge. Everything about it is so modern, chic, and inviting - half the time I tend to forget that I'm in the middle of Bonifacio Global City. I feel like Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City whenever I'm there, sipping on iced and spiked concoctions, or sipping tea with an accompaniment of madeleines with clotted cream and homemade marmalade, a good book or my laptop keeping me company. Tea Lounge recently introduced their summer drinks, and I was lucky enough to be there for the scoop. See what I did there? You will in a minute. 

In lieu of summer, your favorite homemade marmalades at have now been turned into Tea Waters! They come in Citron, Strawberry Citron, Soursop Amaretto, and Pineapple Passion. All the tea waters are surprisingly sweet - in a good way!

My favorite is the Citron Tea Water, a nice blend of orange and lemon that I found quite refreshing. Jericho likes the Soursop Amaretto, as the guava and passion fruit combo is very unique, yet they work very well together. has also partnered up with Pinkerton Ice Cream and Adam's Ice Cream to give everyone a taste of Tea-Infused Ice Cream! They come in three flavors as of the moment: Banana Pistacia, Hexie #2, and Masala Chai.

Hexie #2 is's take on dark chocolate, but you can taste something else that gives it an attitude that I can't put my finger on. Whatever it is, it gives the chocolate a refreshing aftertaste (although not quite in the minty sense).

My jaw just dropped when Renée came out with this. Holy crap, it was Ice Cream Macarons! Imagine your favorite ice cream flavor sandwiched between the delicate, tea-infused macaron shells. The macaron shells were nice and chewy, softened by the ice cream and sopping up all their wonderful flavors. I loved the Masala Chai and Hexie #2 macarons. I could probably down a tub each of those ice creams flavors in one sitting, I kid you not.

If you'd prefer to drink your ice cream, also serves Cream Floats - a happy marriage between a milk tea and a brown cow. Choose between Coffee Almond, Matcha Green Tea, and Masala Chai flavors.

My hands down favorite was the Masala Chai -'s Street-side Masala Chai tea topped with a scoop of sweet and spicy Masala Chai ice cream. It was a Masala Chai explosion of flavors in different textures and with subtle nuances, and you get a pleasant surprise from the tiny sago balls incorporated in the drink.

When mucking around BGC, do make it a point visit Tea Lounge (it's just behind Wildflour Cafe + Bakery) and cool off with their wide array of summer treats! Not only will the kids love the desserts and fun drinking straws, the adults definitely will, too!

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Photos courtesy of Jericho San Miguel Tea Lounge
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