Thursday, July 19, 2012

Drum Tao: The Art of Drum Invades Resorts World

If you ever find yourself anywhere near Resorts World, seeing Drum Tao: The Art of Drum is an absolute must! It was so mind-blowing, I hope they come back so I can see them perform again!

The world-class show came to Manila, and Jericho and I were very lucky to have scored seats to watch it. At first I was a bit skeptical of the show - why would I want to sit for an hour watching guys beat on drums? I'd rather sit at home and watch Nick Cannon's Drumline. But boy, was I wrong!

Drum Tao is a totally different kind of musical drum concert. The performers are trained in martial arts and prefer to practice outdoors in the forest to prepare for this sensory experience. Who even does that anymore?! The Japs, that's who!

The entire show was composed of musical drum stunt performances with lots of crazy drum beating, chanting and shouting (there are no lyrics, just instrumental Japanese music).

In between sets, there are comical skits showcasing Japanese humor. My favorites were the drum "tennis rackets" and the samurais versus ninjas skit. That shiz was hella funny.

The critically-acclaimed Drum Tao has performed to audiences of more than 5 million, in 400 cities in 17 countries that include Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, USA, Australia, Spain, Belgium, UK and Germany. Established in 1993, the program will also show ancient traditions of the Taiko Drumming and martial arts mastery all in one well-choreographed production that emits world-renowned Japanese excellence.

The ladies aren't to be messed with, either. They were so graceful, they moved like water in a frickin' stream, even with all the drumming! Their finale was really a sight to see, everyone working in unison with one another, making a rising sun with their hands, without missing a drum beat.

You really have to give it to them, it takes a lot of stamina to be pounding on the drums for a good 2 hours. I really hope they come back to Manila. If you catch them in your neck of the woods, make it a point to go see them!

It's not a bad way to spend your evening mucking around Resorts World.

To book tickets to Drum Tao: Art of Drum , check out They are only doing 10 shows, so better hurry and buy your ticket now!