Thursday, May 1, 2014

Affordable American Favorites at Wham! Burger

Jericho and I found ourselves wandering around the Mall of Asia a few weeks back, while I tried my luck at furniture shopping. For one of the biggest malls around, it sure had a very small Our Home and even smaller Dimensione, but I still found a few items that were perfect for my tiny apartment, nonetheless.

Walking around a mall got us feeling peckish, so we ducked into Wham! Burger for a bite to eat. Can I just say, I love how accommodating the staff is of bloggers. When I requested them to to wrap up our orders so they wouldn't look all squished and disgusting in the photographs, they did us one better and presented it so beautifully, it made featuring them so easy. Seriously, always serve your burgers like this and the people will come.

The burger joint was pretty empty when we got there which was a pity, as this was one of the cleanest restaurants on that particular food strip. The small space is furnished with white tables and chairs, and white walls with pops of yellow and red by the counter. We were very well taken care of by the cashier-cum-server, who gave us a few suggestions on what to try and what she thought was good.

I saw the word  jalapeño and had to order the Pepper Poppers (P82). Unfortunately for me, this was more cheesy than it was spicy - look at those tiny specks of chili! They should just rename this to cheese poppers. It was basically a fried cheese ball with little flecks of heat. I took one bite and gave the rest to Jericho.

Jericho got a whiff of bacon and ordered a Bronco Burger (P200) with Cross Trax Fries (P80). I find it amusing how the kitchen arranged the bacon on this burger - tucked in and weaved around a big onion ring, making the patty look like it was atop a bacon pillow of some sort. He was pretty happy with this, as the burger patty was still warm and juicy when he bit into it, the bacon strips and cheese adding on layers of flavor.

I tried to go for a burger that also had a few greens in there somewhere and ended up ordering a Double Whammy with Cheese (P260). This looked absolutely gorgeous, with the fresh leaves of lettuce crowning the two thick slabs of burger patties, with a slice of Provolone separating each one.

I appreciated how this was charred nicely, adding more of a bite to the mouthful I tried my best to polish off. I bravely managed to make it through a fourth of the  monstrosity before tapping out. I had to make room for the other sandwiches we ordered that night.

I found it odd when the girl by the cashier suggested we try the Hungarian Sausage (P136). You'd think she'd want to highlight the burgers more. It was pretty affordable, so we thought, "Why the heck not." After giving this a nice dousing of ketchup and mustard we took a bite - and ended up kicking ourselves in the rear for ordering so many burgers.

We should've ordered more of this! Simple, mildly spicy, and a tad crispy on the edges, this is a must try the next time you find yourself here! Oh, and a siding of Potato Wedges (P66) can't hurt, either.

Wham! Burger's latest creation was The Whammer (P260), so we got this to try and probably managed to take two big bites each before throwing in the towel. The 1/3 pound patty is topped with onion strings, bacon, and a slice of cheese for good measure, giving the whole sandwich a lot of texture and a lot of flavor.

Thie Whammer was a bit overwhelming for me in terms of flavor, since the patty itself is nicely charred and naturally juicy, I'm pretty set with just that and generous helping of ketchup and mustard. If only served dill pickles, that would definitely go a long way!

Overall, I was pretty chuffed with my Wham! Burger experience, and was extra happy at how accommodating the staff was of the nitpicky bloggers that came in for dinner asking for pretty looking food. This is an affordable place to escape to when at MOA for when you just want to sit your rear down and enjoy a few of those American favorites.

When mucking around Pasay, take a break from all the shopping and sightseeing and check out Wham! Burger at the Mall of Asia and order your burgers, hotdogs, and fries. This is definitely one of the most affordable burger joints in the area that serves meaty, juicy, 1/3 pound burgers - enough to fill you up and fuel you for the rest of the shopping and walking you'll be doing!

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Wham! Burger
+63 2 556 9394
Ground Floor, North Wing,
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay
Open Daily: 10am - 10pm