Friday, August 31, 2012

Josiah's Catering: TastePro's Brand Degustation

If you have a special event coming up and you want everything picture perfect, it's best to leave the event planning to the pros. When the food is concerned, Josiah’s Catering‘s TastePRO are the people to call.

TastePRO is the leading specialist for corporate catering services. As a subsidiary of Josiah’s Catering – which has been in the business for over 20 years - TastePRO boasts of unparalleled experience and an outstanding reputation, which I had the privilege to experience.

They had a Brand Degustation (more like buffet) at McKinley Hill's Blue Pavilion to feature their prowess in catering to corporate events, creating dishes that best represented local and international brands. And lucky me, I got to dig in to their eats to check out what they had to offer.

There was so much food all around the huge space, it was dizzying! I couldn't make heads or tails of where to start and ended up gravitating to the nearest food table.

The catering company really went all out with Samsung. They had Rice Cakes in Sweet Pepper Sauce, Kimchi Pancakes, and Grilled Pork in Lettuce Wraps with Chili Bean Paste, a smorgasbord of popular Korean dishes befitting their numerous innovative brands.

For Wyeth, they prepared Goat’s Cheese and Mushroom Tart with Tomato Confit. The goat’s milk is supposed to be inspired by the products of the company that are focused on children’s health. I don't see how that was different from regular cheese, but the tart was delicious, with portions perfect for children... or cocktail parties. I see what you did there.

TastePRO’s interpretation of Sun Cellular was a Thai Seafood Stir Fry in Crisp Rice Cakes and Bean Sprouts – a complete Thai dish that represents Sun Cellular providing various and complete services to all its customers.

HSBC’s 5 Spice Braised Pork Belly Slice in Wonton Cups with Peanuts and Chives was a hit. It is dish that’s easy to prepare and cost efficient, but of a good quality – both in taste and presentation. I especially liked how the flavor of the sauce complemented the richness of the pork belly, with the wonton and peanuts giving it an extra crunch.

HP was represented by Crispy Mac N’ Cheese – a famous American staple that is recognized all over the world, much like the Hewlett-Packard brand.

There were a few oddballs in the mix as well, not representing any brand, but merely showcasing what TastePRO can do for functions or special events. They served appetizers of Open Face Bacon and Egg Crostini with Hollandaise Sauce – it would have been ok, if only the quail eggs weren't cold when I got to them. And what's up with the way they presented the Hollandaise?

JP Morgan’s food interpretation was the Mini US Tenderloin Steak Sandwich with Onion Jam and Au Jus, quality ingredients to represent one of the biggest and most respected banking institutions the US. They are probably also one of the meatiest - in the degustation, at least.

Lifestyle’s Red Beans and Shrimp Salad Cups with Southwestern BBQ Dressing reflected the wellness company’s ideal of providing innovative health products.

The food equivalent of Johnson & Johnson, on the other hand,  was Grilled Cilantro Chicken on Mini Whole Wheat Ciabatta with Vietnamese Dressing - a healthy and delicious appetizer which represent’s J&J’s commitment to the promise of healthcare for people throughout the world.

The Berries Trifle was a really nice touch for dessert – a smooth, rich combination of cream and blueberry, which was the perfect end to this decadent meal.

Chocoholics who needed more after Fluor Daniel's Mini Molten Lava Cake with Vanilla Sauce also tried the Decadent Chocolate Cheesecake. Needless to say, I was one of them. And this was awesome! The rich dark chocolate melts in your mouth!

There was also Sugar Free Carrot Tortes, which represented the Philippine Association of Ophthalmologists - a play on the saying that carrots help with poor eyesight.

The food binge wouldn't have been as fun if Jericho wasn't around! It was really nice of him to stop by to keep me company throughout the event. And of course, with all that delicious food surrounding us, I didn't have to convince him to stay for dessert.

If anyone is in need of a caterer for a corporate function or for a special family event, Josiah Catering’s TastePRO is the company you want. Not only do they serve delectable dishes, they can also come up with spectacular party themes to go along with the festivities, too!